Kathleen Cleary Frasier

Five Foot Seven * Dark warm brown eyes *  Dark mahogany hair
Married to Neale Frasier of Falkirk
Stepmother to his son Alisdair
Their daughter - Trinity Noel

Haunting dark eyes only hinted at the mysteries beneath their surface. As the eyes were the windows of the soul so some souls went deep in layers of intelligence and hidden abilities. She stood at five foot seven, well endowed but not overly. She had the body more of an athlete for her love of nature and running with the wild, swimming a passion that soothed the fires within her. She was a natural healer as were those of her kind, something that went even beyond heritage and the physical, it was the same force that drove those life passions. Her past is where it should be, her present in the here and now knowing decisions and mostly actions would make the challenges of her future in its unfolding.

She was not your social butterfly, nor the wallflower whom wallowed in self pity. She had that force of assuredness and grace of bearing that could be even read as untouchable by some. She believed in Fate and by doing such didn't try to mold the future and force it by her own hand, instead she knew it was far wiser and embraced it with the curiosity of a child. Fate was actually geared by the forces of the universe in the overall Plan, which was not of man. Although kind by nature she had little tolerance for those who would suck others dry in their obsessive need for attention, she walked away from them. She did however liked intellectual challenges and preferably laced in humor. Humor would be the salvation of mankind that he might overcome the tests life would bring.

Her trust in Fate was the only thread that brought her though an ordeal to end up being with the one she loved, had loved for some time, Neale Frasier. A most wanted man by many but it was she that became his wife. His love.


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Actress photos used are of Ali Landry - no claims are made. This is a fictional roleplayed character, not any portion is real except for the written world.
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