'Twas a Night to Remember'

        The two seater surrey pulled by two dapple grey mares was reined up in front of her manor home. Kevin was down and up to give a good thud of the knocker on her front door. He was dressed for the weather. Heavy overcloak with a hood over a thick fisherman's sweater and wool pants. Heavier leather boots laced up to just below his knees.

        Within moments the door would be answered by none other than herself.  The warmth of that dimpled smile to simply beam when she noticed whom it was. "Kevin!" Softly exclaimed as she stepped back to permit him entry. She wore one of the very outfits he had bought her, heavy tights of black, a long sweater that hung to midthigh in length.

        He stepped in but immediately had her swept up into his arms. His lips were cold at first the claimed her but soon melted into a liquid fire all their own. He held her close letting the kiss linger before lifting his lips from hers. Hazel blue eyes held that spark of fire in them as they dipped to meet her own dark ones. "Too long." Made the heart fonder in some cases and the meeting all the sweeter.

His wife - Sobekneferu

        Her arms would wrap around his neck as she hugged him tightly.  A searing kiss would be given in return.  It was when he withdrew a soft sigh would sound, but that smile had grown even more and dimples their deepest.  Obsidian depths would hold his gaze in full. "Yes, much too." A soft whisper, nearly breathless would be her reply.

        A smile wandered easily as he looked upon her face. A deep breath drawn before glancing around the foyer in a quick sweep that brought it back upon her again. "Are you ready midear?"

        A quick nod. "Yes, I have the wagon loaded and a driver prepared to follow." She would release her hold about his neck, as one hand drew back, fingers would lightly caress against his cheek.

        Which had his own hand to lift, covering hers a moment to press it against his cheek. A slight turn of his head came with the warmth of his lips to press to the center of her palm before guiding it down as he stepped back. "Your coach is ready milady.." A slight sweep of a hand with a modified bow to give the courtly air to the whole affair.

        Complete and utter adoration would be the look upon her face and glimmering in those obsidian depths.  The heavy leather cloak, he had gotten her, was then snagged up in hand, to be slipped into as she made her way out the door. "My gracious thanks upon you, Sieheb." The brilliance of a smile, then once outside a sharp, quick whistle would alert the driver that they were prepared to leave.

        A hand was there to help guide it on before he held the door for her. Once out he shut it securely before escorting her down to the surrey. He helped her in before going around to get in himself. He took the moment to lay the thick woolen blanket over both their legs as he made sure she was tucked close to him. Reins then laced around gloved hands as he waited for the wagon to move into position. Once all was ready he gave a click of his tongue with a light tap of the reins to the mares' flanks and they were off. The road he chose to travel there was fairly clear of a lot of snow but it offered the winter wonderland scenery, from hills covered in snow with great mountains in the background peaked off in snowcaps to the forests of the only green of pine and lakes now frozen beyond. The air was crisp but keeping this close they were sure to stay warm. A one point he indicated a bottle of poteen stored there just under the seat. "We can share." That would help keep them even warmer.

        She found the scenery breath taking.  This frozen water they called snow, even if it was cold and inhibiting, gave such beauty in its own way.  As often as she had walked through the forest, she still found what she seen to be amazing.  The wagon which held two large tall boxes and one long, lumbered behind them, keeping back to offer them a form of privacy, an also to permit the driver to sneak a few drinks himself without being seen.  A glance over at him as she smiled, leaning to produce the bottle.  Once it was uncapped, she moved to snuggle close to his side.  The bottle lifted to take a swig before she'd move the bottle so she could hold it and he could drink without the use of his hands. "Many things to be shared."

        He leaned as lips tried to find the lip of the bottle with their slight jouncing as uneven snow was being traversed. His eyes on the road and the two mares made it rather comical as the bottle and lips finally met. The tipping ended up a little more than expected having a few drops escape the corner of his mouth and run down his cheek before the bottle was pulled away and he to swallow what he managed to get. "Many...and more to come." Trying to get escape droplets with his tongue next.

        Soft laughter as her free hand rose and fingers brushed at the corner of his mouth. "Need to practice this move a bit more." Teasingly stated.  Head tilted slightly as she peered up at him smiling. "How far do we have to go?"  She was excited about seeing his home, and she had to admit getting to spend some time in that library of his, upon a bear skin rug, before the fire.

        He pointed as his grin remained in an infectious way full of life. It was obvious he enjoyed his time with her fully. "Just over there you can see the small lake known as Golden Pond. It was named for the maple trees that are a gold blaze in the fall and mirrored in the lake waters. Plus a lot of sunsets have as golden waters." He steered the surrey carefully around the bend that would take them around within about fifteen minutes more to where it opened up and the estate that sat just up the hill from the lake. About 250 yards give or take. It was Tutor styling and looked much like one would find in the Swiss Alps the way the snow nestled around the area and the high mountains far behind in the distance. It was a clear enough day, no direct sunlight but had the white of the snow glisten as they pulled up in front of his estate. More his than the one on Ballicastle lands for he built this with his own hands years ago. He was down with a crunch as boots hit the packed down snow. Another moment he was around to help her down then direct the driver to where he could unload and where the stables were. A stable boy was ready to see their surrey in and the horses seen to.

        The driver would move the wagon to the place indicated.  Once she was on the ground at his side, she turned to look over the area around her.  It was lovely, as lovely a setting as her own.  Turning full circle to now face him fully she smiled. "It's absolutely beautiful Kevin.  You built this all by yourself?" Obsidian depths would turn towards the Manor itself, each detail carefully studied.

        "Yes, I did when I decided to end my participation in endless slaughter of lives unmercifully as the armies I was employed in would have of me. I grew tired of bloodshed. I found my way here and used some of the monies I had amassed and bought this patch of land and built my first home. I liked the Tudor styling so used that in modifying it to my particulars." He was leading her up the steps as the butler opened up the door then stood back. He leaned in with a quick few words. "These are the ones hired that take care of my place now when I'm not here but....I plan to give them a few days off." He straightened away as they reached the door, introducing her to Maxwell as they paused then continued in. He had a taste for spacious rooms with tall windows, some of which went from the ceiling to the floor. The living room had a hearth that expanded one shorter wall near a bar that was well stocked. There were a few tables near the windows and a very large overstuffed couch back from where the fire burned. Yes, there was a bearskin rug in front of it.

        Inwards she moved, the warmth of that dimpled smile to form as she was introduced to Max, as she would come to call him eventually.  Further in she stepped, the open expanse was immediately noticed.  Which was good, plenty of space for him to display the gifts she brought for his home, something she had specially made in the arid lands just for him.  That was the nice thing about time and development of relationships.  Time afforded one to do something special for the other, as well as getting to know and adore them more and more.  Removing her cloak and another smile as Max took it from her, she would then venture even further within, dark eyes danced from spot to spot as she took all in.  Eventually she would end up near the fires warmth and then turned to face him with her smile in full bloom, bookended by those deep set dimples. "I think the gifts I brought for you will fit nicely inside your entry room.  I only pray to Ra that you shall like them."

        Maxwell took both of their cloaks and saw to the door before discreetly disappearing. There were the scents of a food cooking from the kitchen where Mary Ann prepared the meals. There was also the distinctive odor of apple pie, one of his favorites. It would be an afternoon supper with a light meal of snacks later in the evening if Kevin requested such. Often times he was too busy with matters to eat any heavy meal late so it became the norm here to serve as such. He mostly watched her from a short distance but soon caught up to her by the hearth. A hand to snake around her waist drawing her close. "You like then my home? I am sure I will love them and will make this place part of you too." The decor was more tailored as a man would wont. Mary Ann had managed to add a few feminine touches in the dining room and kitchen where she worked.

        As he drew her close, if possible, her smile grew more.  Chin lifted as did those dark eyes of hers to meet those of hazel. "I love your home, Kevin."  One hand lifted to rest upon his chest, the other rose further to enable her to lightly caress his cheek. "With the time I was permitted, my original wish of a gift for you had changed.  I was able to have something created just for you." The smells were delightful the filled the air, that of not only the food, but the familiar scent he so often wore.

        "Now you have me intrigued to see but first I have something for you." There was an ice bucket set on the table aside the hearth along with two crystal fluted wine glasses. It was if the whole stage had been set with the plush bearskin beneath their feet. The couch even had throw pillows arranged on it and to a smaller table there was a single red rose. Kevin had to seek out a greenhouse that still had some in the lands. He had lucked out. He noticed an extra touch that had to have been Mary Ann's of mistletoe here and there in advantageous spots. There on the mantle of the fireplace was a cropping of them and just to the wood frames at the top of all the doors hung a few sprigs along with evergreen.

        "Something for me?" Surprise and delighted all at the same time. "I asked for nothing Kevin.  Your bringing me here is wonderful in itself."  Funny how a woman who held a treasury that would make a kings ransom pale in comparison, was far from being materialistic.  But then again, she would never claim those valuables to be hers.  A lift up on toes, a soft brush of her lips upon his chin. "So thoughtful you are nonetheless."

        He had her up against him in a moment flat as his kiss heated over hers before broken again. "I would give the stars above if I could. Instead, I have to settle for a song to sing first." He positioned her in front of the hearth as he now stepped back a step or two to retrieve the rose to hand her. His voice was a rich baritone that flowed in the Irish accent he had managed to keep in spite of all the lands he had traveled in his time.

        "A song?" Bottom lip captured as she smiled, she thought him to be absolutely adorable at that moment.  The rose taken as she'd listen to him sing.

        "Like the rose that blooms in the wintertime as it reaches up through the snow. The more life keeps apart, the more love will grow. Like the seed that grows in the darkness as it reaches up to the sun, I will always reach out for you, 'cos you are the one." He stepped forward to take her hands in his, gently of the one holding the rose so they didn't get pricked. "I bless the wings that bring you back across the shore. If I could touch you now my darling and love you just once more, If I could hold you, hold you, hold you, I know you'd understand, I know you'd understand. As I cross the bridge to the waterfall, as I make my way by the stars, there's a shadow walking beside me...here in my heart." His hand leaving to touch upon his chest just above his heart then back. "Like the restless wind in the tree tops, like a whispered voice in my ear, I will always be there for you, I'll always be here. In a far off wonderland that flashes past my eyes, the kiss of inspiration that was mine. The dust of many centuries has blown across this land but love will not be scattered like the sand. Like the sunrise over the mountainside, like the bird that has to be free, there's a part of you that will always be part of me. Like the seed that grows in the darkness as it reaches up to the sun, I will always reach out for you, 'cos you are the one." He was down to a bent knee at this point as he drew out the ring he had been hiding in a pocket beneath his sweater of the shirt below. It was a cat's eye of a yellow topaz type stone set in clover type design of silver. There were rubies to surround it in tiny teardrops all nestled on a base of an Irish knot design symbolizing forever. "Will you marry me Lady Sobekneferu?" Eyes were a darker blue that turned up to meet hers as the ring hovered at the tip of her finger.

        The words did touch her deep within, not so much because of the song, but because he sang it, and those words seemed to hold a personal touch.  Obsidian depths would watch his face the entire time, noticing his expression upon features and that which caused the darkening of those hazel eyes.  A bit surprised when he lowered to bent knee, but no where near as much as the one that followed when he spoke those words.  She knew little about the formalities of the ring, but the question asked caused her to hold her breath for a moment.  It took her a moment in order to speak, the large lump that formed in her throat made the task hard.  A quick nod of her head, she couldn't possibly smile any more than she was at that moment. "I would be honored and accept your proposal with an elated heart, my Sieheb Kevin." Nothing more than a whisper could she manage at that time.

        The breath he held was released as he slipped the ring on her finger. It fitted perfectly but he expected it to. Once in place he rose to stand before her. "I was hoping you would say yes. What I have will be yours once we set a time to become one." She was in his arms another moment as his lips found hers in a kiss that seared, one hand up to cup the back of her head for the fierceness of it. He was usually a quiet man but one that held a lot inside. This was one of those moments he let it all free in the emotions that fueled them.

--Lyrics by the Moody Blues--

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