Lah Barrett Suex McAndrews
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      Oldest Twin daughter of Queen Lahoneee. She too was situated within Heathfield Castle along  with her mother, brothers, Andrew, Leoric, Gaiden,  Tykir and Carlton, and sisters, Henna and Solarina. Closest to her fraternal twin Henna, Lah resembled her mother. She is almost her duplicate in the soft honey streaked brown hair which curls framing angelic features of creamy tinted skin. Large luminous ocean blue eyes peer personified. She stands at about five foot five with all the right curves in the right places. She is usually dressed in a dark green gown of eyelet lace of a tatted Celtic design. Now twenty three years of age, the Elf mischief still dances in her eyes. Trouble to be found around the next corner, always a plot to embrace. Although she appears a bit shy at times, such can be deceiving if she has something to say. One prone to be bluntly honest.

      With little to no restraints, Lah and Henna each went their own ways. Always close even if separated. As much as she always tried to fit in and do nice things for others, they always ended up disastrous.  Even she would admit with a humorous quality. She had met Collin McAndrews who seemed to have a grudge against women. In spite of this they had become friends, sitting at the lake talking and fishing together. This adversity to other women manifested itself during the Christmas season and how violent he became when any of them tried to come near him with such a sprig of mistletoe. After watching his reactions Lah got this idea to fill his room with the seasonal white berry and green leaves. The mistletoe in Collin's room, sent the poor man into a pox. 

The Past

        Enraged he went after Lah for a visual left of puckered red painted large lips on his mirror gave her away. He caught up with her in that infamous tavern of Rhydin. She tried to escape when she saw the enraged red blotched McAndrews man come in. She knew instantly she was in trouble and was down to crawl behind the bar and into the kitchen. Unfortunately in her hasty retreat she knocked down a stand of pots and pans to cover her and pin her beneath. Collin was in to haul her up and drag her away with him to put over his knee. He got her that far but when his hand came down for that first hit, he could not. Instead it became their first kiss as he drew her up into his arms. In this time she tried her hand at weaving, a brand new kilt for him to wear to a special important banquet with a new ally. There in front of all it unwove during a slow dance together and the poor man was caught white-arsed while he tried to cover it up with her gown. She even told him about the one man in her life a few years prior that had been close and then left. Collin swore he would never leave her like the other. Young love was discovered and not long after they married.  Twins were born within that year after their marriage. Myles and Laoise, the first grandchildren and new generation.

      Collin however was too young to commit to a wife and family. Wanderlust had him up and leaving them not long after the twins were born. It broke her heart and even more that their children would not come to know their father. Two years went by when she met his brother Brian. Their relationship grew and he asked her to marry him. It was at this time Collin returned and the two faced off with her inbetween, it tore her apart to see brothers fight and even more over her. They wanted her to choose between them but she found she could not, she fled that scene that night in tears. Brian left this time but Collin followed on his heels, different destinations but Lah totally abandoned. Another year passed before Brian returned and the two had a long talk. Brian had met another and fell in love which brought a peace in Lah's heart for him. Eventually he married the one. Collin never returned but she knew in her heart it was not meant to be. They had their moment in time and that is all it would be. She met and dated others but she allowed no one that close in commitment after that. It had been three strikes.

      In that time she gradually accepted and came to terms with the way her life went. Romance there could be but love and marriage had only turned to heartache and disaster. She was not a masochist, no more heartaches were needed.  There was a freedom not being totally committed to another she grew to appreciate. She became herself again in that mischievous quality inherited. The imps smile once more curled as well that spark to light up blue green eyes.

      One night while out at the Balli Hi, she decided to help out and bartend. Not knowing a thing about mixing drinks coupled with wanting to do something special for the McAndrews men, she mixed up a batch of everything she could lay her hands on. The tasted more a peppermint as that that liquor was used in abundance. That wasn't good enough as she pulled out two pouches of mixtures she had pilfered from her brother Andrew's room and added them too. A night to remember indeed as three McAndrews men actually not only got drunk but found that extra added had been a laughing powder and the other a laxative. Never again would Lah bartend in the Balli Hi pub.

A New Beginning

      Henna was the closest to her being her twin. Their connection even more than just sisters even if they looked entirely different. Looks can be deceiving for they were more alike than different. Both inherited abilities of the mystics for their bloodline. Sylvan Elf, Grugrach, Human and Angel. Angel or Devils some could argue for their impish ways often got them in trouble. Kindness a natural part but ones to be honestly blunt. Sweet and gentle natures could turn to a hellish inferno if one crossed them in such a way to deserve such wrath. They were survivors in a world full of chaos and strange beings.

      While growing up, they were never far from the other and if mischief was to be had, both were involved in it. Precarious children even at the young age of two found them to wander to the notorious northern tavern together using Druid powers that were second nature as breathing. Luckily they were protected by an unseen force so that nothing bad befell them. Their exploits continued through the years only tightening that bond between them.

      Lah was the one to find love and have children where such seemed to escape her sister, Henna, though Lah believed that love would eventually find her twin of a kind that would last forever. Such as she had with Collin that they could never really part and finally accepted and found happiness again. This time to last.


Wizard Thalan

      As Andrew and her twin brothers before her, Lah and Henna too was sent to be trained under the Wizard Thalan in the Druid ways. A man whose history had been long accounted in the Barrett family. No one knew his exact reasons but he was the one that saved her mother and aunt when disaster befell her grandparents. There was much owed this ancient man but there was much love to be found in his deep understanding and caring. Lah was not as talented as her older brothers but she had her own gifts and they were nourished by these teachings to continue to hone them. She was more apt to blunder as a spell in defense to bring a wall of protection around her would end up giving the one hot feet instead. One never knew what a spell worked by Lah would really do, except, it always seemed to work out for the desired end result.

      Once her training was done under Thalan she proceeded to finishing school to teach her the ways of being a Lady. She came to learn them well but found britches and an oversize tunic more to her liking as she explored woods, hills and dales collecting herbs and such. Once she was back she picked up her training with Andrew and learned how to alter her own energies. Such was even a more powerful means of defense to escape harm. As was the Druid ways it was more a way of thinking than even the elements used of forces surrounding life itself. The respect of nature and a delicate balance to use such gifts learned for the welfare of others or protection. Not to be used as some kind of showing off floor show to win another's awe or favors. Gifts used quietly without others even knowing if possible. Too many abused such gifts in flaunting them like some magician. Those kinds of magic should be left to performers not the true users of these gifts.

Husband: Collin McAndrews

Son: Myles

Daughter: Laoise
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