- As well an accomplished Violinist

Lochlan Cearul Kearney
Blacksmith of Ballicastle

He had been nicknamed "Grunt" when young, a tough kid as he learned to fight well. He was not a bully but he did put a few bullies in their place teaching them a good lesson with a strong fist. He reached a height of 6' 2" upon maturity, dark hair curled unruly much like the intense spirit held within. He was the second born of three, similar to his older brother Saran in certain ways and very unlike him in others. He held the blue eyes that was a trademark of the Kearneys as did his younger sister, Anya. Like his brother he held to an unspoken law, strict in honor and honesty. Unlike his brother he was not a rogue, not prone to prose or words of flattery. He held women at a distance, most purely annoyed him. He found most to be frivolous, needy for attention and choking like the clinging vine. He detested more the whining children who miraculously wandered where one should not find such, needy for attention too even moreso. There were exception and he was fairly good separating them for instead of trying to win their attentions, he'd rather watch. He didn't care to be the center of attention, a good ale and a good conversation sated him quite well.

Born in the Kerry highlands he was 25 , a year younger than his brother and two years older than his sister, when famine ravished the lands and changes brought to their clan, bandits and renegades roamed, killing becoming a norm. He had been sent out with a different group of hunters, for the Elders felt it a better way to ensure a family not being wiped out. His group had returned on the heels of the murderers of his family and friends, Saran not being back yet.

 Not knowing when they would return, time was of the essence so he gathered together those of the same group and headed out after the killers. His sister had been taken too. A few weeks spent in pursuit brought them to England where they finally caught up, leaving them all dead, a mess in their own blood. The task done they headed back home to start over again and meet up with his brother who would be made head. It was in a tavern they had stopped, half way there, they overheard the gossip of a few women about the group of rogues, the descriptions fit not only his brother but some of their mutual friends - Aidan, Derek and Jasper. He soon got directions to these lands as he parted his friends to waylay his brother. He sdisembarked from a ship landing him in these lands called Rhy'din where he was last seen.

Lan found his brother in the lands of Heathfield but he found even more here for himself. He met and fell in love with Hannah Frasier and soon wed. Eventually a son was born to them they named Lochlan Alisdair. That was a story in itself for a curse that had been placed on the Frasiers that near took his love's life. The puzzle of the curse was revealed and lifted. Later a daughter was born unto them they named Siobhan Colleen. Lan continued to work for the lands of Ballicastle as their Blacksmith. As their family grew, adding Emma Marie and later another on the way, they moved into Falkirk Manor where Neale Frasier, head of their clan, resided along with his wife and children. A few others of the clan resided there as well and it made for one big happy family. They were family minded people just like the Kearneys.

His Love, His Life
His Wife,

His  Hannah

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