Marcella Ann McGuire  ~Marcy~


Long dark hair fell where it pleased, framing flawless silken skin of delicate features. Deep green eyes, as Ireland itself, held a haunting quality about them. Secrets hinted. A sweet smile graced dusty rose lips with a natural curl to their corners. A spirit full of energy and curiosity found mischief easily. A cream color gown offset the rich dark hair tapering down to lie softly over the curves of her feminine form, ample, strong and toned. A ray of sunlight filters, alighting her hair with its kiss into blazing red highlights, kindred to the spirit within.

A heart of gold to those who are friends and an Irish wrath of burning vengeance to those who become foe. A soul naturally deep rooted in kindness as the norm, she helps those in need but can just as quickly become the brick wall her enemies didn't see. Her bloodline a mixture of human and Fae with Druid ways.

Proprietor of the Linen and Lingerie Shop, Heathfield Commons.

Silk, satin and lace undergarments. Pillows, shams, comforters and bed sheets.

Linen and Lingerie Shop

Dunmore Manor

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== Profile Under Construction, older character revamped ==
**This is a fictional roleplaying character. Not real. No claims to the picture used representing how Marcy would look. IM play is limited to those in the game of Heathfield. RPL#1.**

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