He had taken a few days to fast, having gone up into the woods of Heathfield to a quiet area far atop a mountain, not far from the lake. It offered a tranquil mood for him, which he needed. The walls of Heathfield indeed had ears and the corridors whispered their secrets at night, he had been judged negatively for whom they supposed he was and he didn't end up falling into that mold. Humans had their neat little packages all made up of what certain things were and if one came along and didn't fit that package then they were judged and disliked for falling short of their own set of rules. It was time and he knew it, so he had spent the time in his own way of prayer - he was not conventional, he was not their kind of angel, he was not a preacher, but he was indeed a messenger of sorts. He had knowledge and he was about to write it all down in a story type way for most of it, weave all the pieces together so that a once single piece that looked to be one way they might just find, looked a whole lot different as part of the whole - alike to puzzle.

He didn't really trust himself to be able to put it down correctly for so much went beyond words and it lost something in the translation if not careful, and then there was the perceptions of others of each word. So, he trusted in the one that sent him, that worked through him instead, otherwise he would sit there, his mind boggled at where even to begin. He came down from the mountain, prepared as best he would be as he headed back to the Thistle and some parchment, a quill and some ink. He found the parchment needed, quill and ink, as he set out to a quiet area in the fields outside of the castle, out there with the One who created this all to inspired him to write it as best as humanly possible. He found a quiet spot under a big old oak as glowing blues lifted to the heaven with his silent prayer "Steady my hand and guide it, oh One, use me as I use this quill"


The Alpha and the Omega

The One was the Alpha and the Omega, existing in a realm without time. Eternity didn't mean time without end but rather no existence of time at all. Past, Present and Future laid side by side, even intermingled at times as the rifts would attest. Those tears in time that showed up along the Earth's walls. The One soon set to create what would become known as the Angels, the first children. All different kinds, shapes and sizes and with a breath they were given life to fill the Heavens. They were given many gifts and powers as they lived with the One in His domain. Gradually there emerged a higher level of them that became known as the Archangels. Lucifer, a shining star amongst them, was given great power and gifts. A handsome angel, perfect in feature, whom glowed as the bringer of light, of knowledge. It wouldn't due to make creations that loved you, for that was not what Love was, so Choice was given to each of His creations. How they would use it would determine their Fate. Many tales and legends of feats and events accomplished filled the ever growing history of the Angels. The One decided then on a new creation, a new challenge - mankind. First an explosion was set into motion that whirled out creating the cosmos, filled with planets, suns and stars, clusters of such becoming galaxies.

This new creation, the second children, would be different. There would be male and female so that they would seek the other out and cling to one another to become one again - whole within each other, to regain what they lost in their separation. Time was created, for the One would not keep them bound to this Earth in their biological shells. Their vessels made to eventually decay and die away, setting the Soul free once more. Earth was their test, for little would be given, almost blind to see what was real for the illusions that were placed before them. But for those whom little was given, and still found One in their hearts and came home to the Heavens, it was thus proclaimed. "For you in the passing of this test, stripped of abilities such as the Angels possess, you will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and you shall even judge the Angels upon the Last Day". Now upon hearing this proclamation, Lucifer became infected with jealously, the root of all evil and sin was born as his actions were govern by it. He was soon gathering unto him those of the Angels who shared his infection. You see, even if Lucifer had been the highest Archangel, he still craved more. He wanted what the One had and it would appear it would be given to these newer inferior creations.

Hatred was born for he hated them mankind with a passion of a like there has not been an equal. His goal was to see to their destruction and their Creator's along with them. Michael was a quiet Archangel and he soon felt the disturbing undercurrents that were set into motion, for many flocked to him for answers. He drew onto him the counter faction of those who would stand in their love for the One in all that was done without question. Their hearts unaffected by this new disease born. Few knew that there was yet a third faction that stood back from the other two, the one led by Lucifer and the one led by Michael, waiting to see who would prove the stronger and throw their lot in with them to side with the victor. Little was even remembered of the angel that led this group for their indecision to take a stand disgusted the One.

Michael had become tired as he rested his head back against the oak, closing his eyes. It would be a tedious task as one had to crawl before they could walk, and walk before they could run. The foundation had to be set so the rest came with understanding. A passage of time before he opened them again, glowing blue eyes lifted to the still blue sky as the clouds played in patterns across its surface. Rays of sun filtered in between, alighting where he still sat. A rest was taken before a new page was started.

The Battle of Battles

And the heavens fell asunder in the thunderous wars that were waged between the two factions. Its turbulence felt on Earth so intensely most of the old prehistoric mammals died off as it affected even the atmosphere itself. It was the dawning of mankind upon this Earth and great changes in the Heavens coincided. Michael proved to be a fierce warrior and when things swayed his way through his tremendous effort, and the love in his heart for the One spurred him thus, that third faction threw in their swords with him, sealing the victory. As a result Lucifer was cast from the Heavens along with his followers, condemned to the Earth, existing amongst those he hated. A holding cell was also created that the humans labeled "Hell" but that wasn't for now but a time yet to come - what humans would label Armageddon. Lucifer was not in Hell. Lucifer was stripped of his name that meant "bringer of light" and other names were given instead, the most popular was Satan or Devil, Baal another. Satan was not however stripped of his abilities. All was as it should be according to the master plan for how could good be judged or tempered if there was not evil to test it? Satan would indeed test the weakness of man in his blindness here and few of this One's creatures would pass the tests. The ones that did would be invaluable, and their reward the Kingdom of Heaven itself.

The Earth became Satan's playground, wars, lies, prejudices, jealously, lust, thievery and many many more sins were promoted and honed in the history of mankind, destruction being a key factor - the outcome. Satan was getting mankind to destroy himself and everything around him, including the Earth itself. Now there where those here who held true in their hearts the One, such as Abraham, Moses, Solomon and Job. Satan appeared at one of the Angels meetings in the Heavens, like he would have before the great battle, he had become quite bold and arrogant feeding off his victories over mankind. The One turned to him and asked: "From whence to you come Satan?" *meaning in his heart*, and Satan with a clip answer retorted "to and fro the Earth" *meaning he was freely roaming the Earth* purposely misinterpreting the One. The One and Satan got into a discussion of what Satan lacked in his heart and a challenge was given, Job was picked to prove the One's words. Job was allowed to be hounded unmercifully by Satan but Satan was not allowed to take his life. Everything was stripped from this man including his wife and children eventually, even the pain of sores were allowed to befall him, he was literally tortured both mentally and physically, yet Job never wavered from keeping the One in his heart, he stayed true, a mere human against all odds, even from his friends and family who encouraged him to denounced the One.

Satan never did learn from that example for he did not wish to, he held his own blind agenda and would not be swayed even in face of the truth. And in truth he did not hold the One in his heart. Job was not only given back what he lost but 3 fold for the One favored him because of the heart of this man. So Satan continued his ways and mankind such an easy victim, it was far easier to follow the darkness than it was the light, and most of mankind was indeed lazy and fickle of heart. Yet still, the One was compassionate of heart and expected mankind to falter, the only requirement was to learn from their mistakes *thus forgiveness given* and in such move forward in understanding of what was true and what was an illusion. What was being done was not punishment from the One but rather mankind in their own choices punished themselves, actions and reactions. But mankind would turn from the One in disbelief of the One's existence even, until something bad happened as a result of their own doings, then gnash their teeth as a fisted hand was raised in anger blaming the One - revived then to blame. There were many more examples that showed the interplay between the One and Satan and then mankind between them. But in all of this, what became of that third faction? Had they been lost somewhere in that shuffle? No, they had their own destiny too - the nameless ones that had been ignored by most of history except maybe the Druids.

Michael had tired once more, it was not good to write too long on one part, for one would end up losing the main point with too much. He set the quill aside after the ink had been wiped from its tip. The parchment on which he wrote propped on the board against his leg as he was under that same old oak tree in the Heathfield meadow. It was proving to be a glorious morn as the sun and clouds played hide and seek. Flowers were blooming dotting the hillside with their yellows, purples and whites. This was the One's painting, the Master of creativity in both the visual and sound as the birds fill the air with their melodious sounds. Even the bees, crickets and wind added their own. Glowing blues closed a moment as he drank in deep of the fresh morning air, letting all that surrounded him caress his weary soul, it was one of the doorways to the One. He eventually packed up going back to the Thistle in the hopes to return later this day or the morrow, to continue his writings, next he would tell of the third faction.

The Fae: Roman, Greek, Norse and such, the gods

And when the One turned to the faction that had waited to the last moment, the One called them aside to speak with them. They were not evil or such yet they did not hold true in their hearts what was needed. They too could not remain in the heavens having proven this, yet they were not as Satan. They were the indecisive, the luke warm and they too were sent to the Earth to live amongst mankind. Now this faction didn't hate mankind like the faction of Satan's. In fact they tried to live alongside them. The Archangel levels were the Adonis - gods - with their gifts and their looks, mankind was in awe of them, making them into gods. They labeled them with names such as Zeus, Thor, Neptune, Hermes, Apollo, Aphrodite and so many more. The Archangels found they liked this status of god given them by mankind but it didn't please the One, for they were indeed false as gods. Now there were many other types of these angels and they had spread over the Earth to different races whom labeled them with other names such as Brownies, Elves, Leprechauns, Fairies, Trolls, Goblins and so forth. Some of these angels that had become known as the Fae, were indeed mischievous and some helpful and some downright mean. In the beginning they lived pretty much right out there alongside mankind but that would eventually change. Now the Fae gods and other levels had found mankind's female to be fair and took them onto themselves as wives and children born became now a new breed of both the 1st and 2nd children of the One.

Now some might wonder how a human would go with a creature so different such as a troll, but many of them could shapeshift and appear to a human as their own kind. A side note, it was not of the norm that these races of angels wanted mankind as a mate but certainly enough mingling did bring forth children that were human holding gifts of all sorts of the different levels of these angels. They were human but possessed qualities of the Fae/angels, telepathy, empathy, telekinesis - gifts that eventually became known as ESP/PSI. There is a ritual of sorts to see qualities in another if there be such in them. Somewhat near a staring contest but one you can blink, sitting opposite the other in adequate light, focus on one eye and eventually faces will appear in your peripheral vision. First you will see the qualities that exist in all, such as the old hag/old man, the face of death and a few more. Once these pass, faces of their pasts can appear and with them any Fae faces as well. It works best with one that holds telepathy and some it doesn't work with at all. There had existed a pact of sorts between mankind and the Fae, but somewhere in those ancient times it had been broken with the Fae and they separated from mankind whom could not keep their word. Mankind also eventually stopped worshipping those Archangels as gods and they too moved out of their sight. They were still here but they could altar spatial qualities, mind over matter, in a blink they could be standing there in front of you as a giant, the next a flicker of light, disappearing before your eyes.

For the most part the Fae shied away from mankind finding their way of thought to be cruel and hateful, trying to enslave them for their abilities. They could move through the veils that separate this existence from this plane of existence to others, the rifts, and thus could easily avoid them. Now there is a way to discern if you come across a Fae, either in the dreamstate or in the awaken one - if you watch their face it never quite stays the same, constantly shifting so subtly that it makes you wonder if your not seeing things. Many of these Fae will appear and help individuals, many stories told on how one was helped by another whereas no one else saw them, making them out to be mad. They even became known as guardian angels, living right here amongst us, yet for our blindness of insight we rarely see them. Some of the Archangels in the heavens would come and walk amongst mankind helping them also, some protected those here taking the physical form to help mankind as a whole move forward to their destiny, a destiny Satan constantly fought to deter. For you see this faction of angels is here for a duration of time, until the great war between evil and good would be fought and it seemed this small planet known as Earth was the biological/physical plane picked along with the other planes, for this war would rage on many levels. It has been going on since Satan came to walk this planet, fought in varying degrees throughout mankind's history until the final impact of Armageddon. It is in the interest of these angels, the fae, to help, for in doing so they will regain what they lost.

Michael had tired once again, as the quill came to rest at his side and his eyes closing. He could feel the warmth of the sun envelope and he soaked in its energies, reviving him some as he rested for a moment. It was time to stop again as his next writings would lead into what became religion.