Two Halves Make a Whole

Meekel found there was no rest in a reprieve this night, but he had made up twenty years worth the previous one. The note he heard, albeit off, had him drawn in thoughts. Impossible thoughts. There had to be others that were taught here, somehow in his absence. Argan would know. He wandered that day to reacquaint himself with the lands. Such wouldn't take him long but a lot of things had changed. Not so much in their camp-village but more with the Humans that shared the lands. He soon sought the cottage that Argan used and stood just outside the door waiting for the once familiar voice to welcome him. He would feel his presence and know whom it was.

His presence was felt before he approached the door but it was Keera who opened the birch portal, keeping it wide enough so the interior of the cottage's main room was in view. A round table was prepared with a bowl of mixed fruits and goblets for either feywine or cider; Keera glanced up to Meekel with a light smile, her attire matched the glint of forest green in her eyes. For once she was without the bow and quiver, but never fear they were nearby. "Cormamin lindua ele lle," she greeted in a tone so low it could barely pass as a whisper for human ears.

"Aaye Keera." Blue eyes resting upon her had the touch of a smile to his mouth as he mirrored the same greeting. "Cormamin lindua ele lle." Shift of focus took in the arrangement of the room, everything noted in that swift perusal and back to her. "Argan, he is ready to see me?"

"You must forgive me.." she started to explain as she closed the door after beckoning him to enter. "My father has not been well, and I told him of your return. I did not know if could handle such a surprise." Or the one that awaits! "Shall I get you some drink?"

"Keera." The deep voice resonated from the side room, the door partially closed but the flickering candlelight revealed the motion of someone within. Argan emerged, one hand drifting along the wall until he felt the back of a chair. From there he turned and walked three solid steps to the table in the center of the room.

About to say something and the inclination of his hand to forego the drink, had both voice and gesture to pause as he heard Argan. He glance to where the voice came and was around instead. He went to bend of knee with his head bowed even if Argan could not see him. He would know that Meekel would greet him properly. He was up to stand a moment later. ''Oio naa elealla alasse' Master Argan.''

"Nae saian luume'." There was a dip to Argan's head at the sound of Meekel's voice. Keera had spoken of his return but would not believe it until he heard the voice of his longtime friend and student. Had his daughter not informed him of Meekel's return, he might have thought he had finally lost all will to live and met his friend in the other world. But since he was alive and well, his heart swelled with pride that the young elf came home again.

Keera saw the joy on her father's sightless visage and clamped both hands together, raising them up to her mouth so that her praise to the deities would be silent. Meekel's arrival made her father's life once again special, and for that she was truly grateful.

"Nae saian luume." His words repeated for their meaning and a catch in that musical voice of his. "I am home now for good. The time in passing has left my heart behind and now I can have it back again." At least most of it to give him a reason to live also. "Laurel, she is gone and my son with her. She left wishing me to return to my people unburdened." It was all he needed to say, Argan would understand and know through the emotions that welled up in him, that which words could never suffice.

Argan lifted his hand toward the sound of Meekel's voice, able to close whatever distance remained between them until a hand clamped on the younger elf's shoulder. "You are home, that is all. All of the past is a learning experience. You were young when you met the human, but young or not you found love.  She was right to wish you return home unburdened. I am deeply sorry for what you have suffered, my young one."

"Father, sit down and speak with Meekel." One arm curled around Argan's shoulders as she motioned for them both to sit. Though Argan would not see it, he always felt his daughter's gestures. "Shall I serve some feywine?" That spoken more to Meekel rather than her father whom she knew would take that fruity blend.

There was an inward wince as it was a double bladed sword and the wound cut deep either side. He could only give a dip of his head as his heart ached inside. His own hand to clamp Argan's shoulder. ''Fate, life, does as she wishes and we have to learn how to deal with various situations. Learn and move on.'' He could not express that had she not left him, had been found, he would still be with her.

Keera averted her gaze from Meekel, Argan's words so direct it made her visibly wince. She wanted to pull his pointed ear and lecture him about referring to some as 'the human.'  Without waiting for Meekel to respond, she poured a goblet of Elven wine and handed it to the guest before one was filled for her father.

"Though my daughter remains silent, I know what she thinks. Forgive me, my friend, I did not intent to sound so harsh. You have my deepest sympathies for the -- your wife and son's loss. She also is not saying how I should take my own advice and move on. Without sight it has been difficult but your return has given me hope again."

Mike was all cleaned up, freshly shaven and even some musky cologne he got hold of. Something not too strong or he would be sneezing the whole time. His sense of smell was sensitive. Tunic adjusted, hair combed back neatly he approached the door of the cottage he was directed to by the guard. He could hear voices within as he stepped up with the light tap of a knock. He hoped to make a good impression. Hand up reflexively checked his tunic pocket for the reassuring lump that was the locket.

Keera looked at the door for a lingering moment before she approached. Glancing over her shoulder to the two Elven men, she spoke quietly, hand touching the knob of the door. "I invited a man whom I've asked to become a ranger, it is he who has questions regarding the symbol we spoke of, father.

''I remember your own words Argan when I studied under you. The one precious gift we should never lose, is Hope. Without Hope there is nothing." And he well imitated the voice of the younger Argan that had taught him. One of his gifts was imitation of sounds. That draw pulled strong as the knock came upon the door, that even after being seated he stood. Straight as an arrow and facing the door. He looked like he wasn't breathing, like the hunting dog that points. His spine ramrod straight. Fists flexed as fingers curled at his sides but the intensity of that blue focus would make one believe he was looking right through the door.

"The hu-- the man from the tournaments? Ah, aye, very well." He was silenced by Meekel's words, deep in contemplation and thought.

Keera inhaled a deep breath and pulled the door open, a light wavering smile greeted Mike and she motioned for him to step inside. "Welcome to my father's home. There are some people I would like you to meet." Inside her chest, her heart pounded so hard she was certain it'd jump right out of the tunic she wore.

A boyish grin lifted as his first sight was Keera when she opened the door. "Evening Keera." Said low and she could tell he was nervous. The shift of that dark brown gaze came over the other two within as he stepped in and froze to the spot. The way the one was standing and staring was enough to stop anyone fast in their tracks. Brows were up as he tore a glance back to Keera. "Err.." Sounding like a question that would ask 'are you sure its alright for me to be here?' He did bow, half way and precise to both within.

"Michael, this is my father Argan Albrite.." Motioning to the man seated at the table. But as her gaze lifted so did her hand as it gestured toward the elf. "And this is Meekel Silvertone, a long time friend of my family who has just returned home after twenty years of searching for his lost wife... and his son." A reassuring smile faltered as she looked from one man to the other, not quite sure if she was still drawing any breaths.

Argan nodded in the direction of the door but he remained seat since he was comfortable, a sip of the feywine was swallowed and he tilted his head to listen to the introductions. The way Keera spoke made the elder elf suspicious.

Only movement was his hand to grasp the back of the chair as it curled so hard around it, his knuckles went white. It was the eyes of the young man that had this effect. He didn't take his focus from him, didn't change the intensity of it either. He would be considered staring according to Humans. He remained that way for a good few minutes before he spoke. For all the intensity showed his voice was calm. "You, Michael, would be of the surname McKenna, of that family?"

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