Patrick Murdough Frasier
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Patrick had been the wild one, traveling far and wide for most of his younger years. Now at twenty five he still had a passion for life and the women that became a part. For all the ones he met along the way, he never settled down. He came close a few times but close only count in the toss of horseshoes.. He stood six foot three with eyes of a dark forest green. Toned muscular build for all the hard work he involved himself in. He was not allergic to working like some tending to be more lazy.

He became the most involved in the racetracks as his brother Danny got engaged and other intrigues that needed his focus. Patrick didn't mind at all for he wasn't involved with anyone. He enjoyed working with the horses and riding. Dogs he got along with just as well. He had a natural rapport with the wild he found out. Swimming and hunting were also listed on his things he liked to do. Socializing when he had time or made time. Now that he was home to stay he was balancing his life well between work and play.

Temper was not a stranger to Patrick and it showed in a good flare. He recognized ones that could not be trusted on highly strung instincts. When one came claiming to be the eldest long lost brother, Patrick had never been convinced and even antagonized the one every chance he got. He proved to have been right in the long run.

The Curse of the Frasiers

It was shortly after his family returned, their father came to see to his family and the building of a manor home for them all on Ballicastle lands. Alistair died of a stroke soon after his arrival but upon his death bed he told of the family curse, mostly to Neale whom had been taught a child's song when young. The clues cryptic within the song to resolve.

A score ten one
The witch shall come
The son first born
Shall be forewarned
The women all
To death shall fall
A trinket's charm
The curse disarm
Take heed.
Take heed.
Take heed.

The game began as the curse was unleashed with their father's death. Hannah was pregnant and would die in childbirth if they didn't resolve it. It became a race against time as Octavia and Hazel hindered them, Hazel to eventually turn allegiance in their favor upsetting the balance in the outcome.

 Death near claimed Hannah as Neale confronted Octavia to overcome and released Hannah from the curse and her child born, both of them unharmed.

Falkirk Manor of Ballicastle

All seemed quiet as they set to the task of building the manor home their father had wanted for them... a family to stay together and be there for one another.

Down behind the Manor was where the family graveyard was made with the death of Alisdair before it was finished and they moved into the Keep. Hannah eventually married Lochlan Kearney, a blacksmith of the lands. Falkirk Keep was built on Ballicastle lands.

The family moving in there to situate themselves in these new lands. Eventually he and Danny built the Falkirk Downs Race Tracks which held races of both horses and dogs when weather permitted. Lands had been granted down in the meadows from where their Keep was built.

It took near a year with setbacks for the plague of curses their family seemed to draw. Curses seemed to be a way of life for the Frasiers for upon the heels of one resolved came the plague of Broch Frasier, or more a man claiming to be the Frasier heir. He nearly ruined the family but it was his lust of women that became his downfall and killed. Another curse came in his return as a specter or so deemed at first. Gradually it came about he was able to defeat Octavia once and for all when she tried to possess Ellyn, ensuring his own redemption and released from the Frasier family. His brother Danny and he built the racetracks aptly named Falkirk Downs. Both seemed to take turns running it as life involved them in certain intrigues. First it was he who was lured by a woodland nymph and the first pangs of love felt. Love turned out to be as elusive as she. It wasn't long before she disappeared leaving that hurt behind of betrayal. He no longer trusted women beyond any physical need and those were ones he could walk away from. No strings attached. No ties. Most women who even showed the slightest interest in him he would maneuver onto his brothers or others.

It was Danny that found love instead and with it came another curse to be resolved. The family always united as one to face them. Once more Patrick took to taking care of the race tracks and all was well with the world. There were always family matters that cropped up needing his help and the latest was filling in as the Shadow Fox after a daring rescue of his brother. The thrill of living on the edge was something he found he was not abrasive to, although not necessarily embracing it either. All was for a cause, a good one. Socially he'd become the one blunt in a near caustic way that held those shocked looked at times and muffled snickers. He was very good at eliciting a reaction. It was all a front, a shield from getting hurt again. He was slowly imploding with the need of real passion to be allowed impacting with the inability to trust. He was becoming out of control. It was on the brink of this near disaster that he met a certain Lady, full of fire and brimstone that matched his own.

Falkirk Downs

The double tracks form an 8 pattern with the grandstand housing privies, betting booths and concessions stands on the ground level. The upper two floors offer enclosed viewing rooms for certain parties such as members of the Royal Crown having their own. A pyramid effect as one side facing the horse race tracks mirrors on the other side facing the dog race tracks. Bleachers run up a good fifty rows then down the other side of the same.

Paddy's Lad- 16.1hh mahogany stallion

(Falkirk Downs Website)

   The Start - Plans Made

As the afternoon went, Neale would be found where he usually was when not at Falkirk ... lounging in the chair closest to the hearth with a cup of coffee to keep him company.

Patrick came in from the back as an office here had been set up for them all to use. He had been working on a layout, well one he and Danny had been working on. Parchment in hand he emerged from the back as forest green eyes took that initial sweep, pause, focus, in on Neale as he headed there. He hooked a booted foot to the table drawing it over closer as he laid out the topo map of the meadows below Falkirk, they had been scouting them for the layout of the terrain. "Got some decisions to make and we would like your views."

Neale's gaze lifted to the familiar form of the man entering, following his actions with what could almost be mistaken as a hint of a smile.  He edged forward in his chair, recognizing the lands even before his brother spoke.  A glance up to Patrick then back down as he nodded. "Let's see what you have."

Alex brought over a glass of his usual cognac and left the bottle there in case Patrick wanted more. This all done in that quiet way of his before he was back at the bar. "Now, first we need to decide if there should be two separate tracks. One for the horses which is longer and one for the dogs. Perhaps a longer one for the horses on the outside and a shorter one inside of it for the dogs." He trailed a finger along where there was the slight knoll along one side. "We could place bleachers here and run the track just below, this way they would naturally be up higher for viewing."

"The horses will require a wider track as well, Patrick..." His hand lifted to rest on the edge of map as his gaze searched over the area indicated.  "They also tend to tear up the ground where the dogs will not.  Are the McAndrews set on one track for both races?"  Greens lifted to look over to his brother, a lift of mug while he thought this through.

"No, from my understanding the whole project is ours to do up....given to us."

Neale nodded in further thought.  "What we could do is have the tracks back to back.  Have the bleachers on this side..."  His finger ran up the one section of land. "lead up to a point with the one track here...and then head down the other side with the second track here.  The circle of bleachers making a figure eight of sorts."  The whole time he explained, the tip of his finger trails across the page.  "The building for entering and refreshments or whatever here to serve them both...and lead off in different directions from here, depending on what race was to be run."

"Ah, which brings me to a name for does Falkirk Downs sound to you?" He was listening as he followed the visual of his tracing. There was a good reason he asked Neale! "The main betting and refreshment building in the center between the two?"

A tap of forefinger to make his point when necessary, then his hand flattened to the page again.  He had used his mug to hold down the curled up corner while he thought this through with actions. Again, Neale nodded, still looking at the empty map save for the landscape.  "The building here, hmm, yes...with the entrance at the end, here." Indicating the opening with another tap.  "Then through here for the dogs, and here for the horses." The woman entering drew his gaze and attention for a moment, a brief lift from his chair in greeting.  "Madame."  A nod to finish that off before returning to his chair, and the subject under discussion. "The people seated at the top...could see both."

Forest green gaze lifted to note the lass that entered, dip of his head in a silent greeting before his focus was back on his brother and the ideas tossed back and forth. "If set up this way, it is conceivable to run two races at once if needed also." He half rose as Neale did before settling back to the comfort of his chair. "I like that you like that suggestion for a name?" Asking while he withdrew a pencil and started marking in what was suggested so it wouldn't be lost.

"Falkirk suits me fine, Patrick, as long as the McAndrews consent."  Neale had only allowed a polite glance in the young girl's direction, otherwise that which was...and that which was alluded to by way of attire might have been noticed.

"They have, said we could name it what we felt was proper for it."

"Then I will leave that honor to you, Patrick."

"To us by such a name." Tied it in with their manor home too.

"To us."  Neale agreed, lifting his cup but pausing just before contact, and lowering it again.  "We will need to make sure the stables and kennels are of the finest well as the jockey's quarters."  Patrick knew all this, but those buildings would also take up part of the building process.

"Of course, the horses down this end and the ones for the dogs on the other, keeping them separate too but easy access to the respective race track." Even if the stalls and kennels would only be temporary, they would be of a number one standard. "Danny contacted Jon McAndrews and he has enough lumber to get us on our way. If more is needed the lumber mill will be opening up in a few weeks and he can provide more."

"Wonderful." Neale was pleased with the enthusiasm generated.  "We will soon have two race tracks then."

"Then we shall start staking out the area and begin the work." He carefully finished off all markings before tucking that pencil away. The parchment next was folded up carefully and tucked within a breast pocket until returned to their office in the back.

....and so the plans were set. Patrick and Danny finished up the work on Neale's ship and were soon out to the acreage where the tracks would be built. In a week's time they had cleared the snow and staked out the area, marking off where the buildings would go. The following week saw foundations go up and the tracks dredged out. Brogan added his manpower to the crews hired as well as others coming down when they could to pitch in. Neale too had been there when he could, Robert, and a few of the McAndrews. Rory had been by to give specifications on the stalls for the horses, lending his expertise while Edward and Patrick McAndrews helped with the kennels for the dogs in the same manner.

Patrick McAndrews' wife Megan came along with Robert's wife Lisette with baskets of warm lunches to give out to the crews. Lochlan and Hannah were by even more often to help out, Lan with building and Hannah seeing to lunch breaks and a lot of hot coffee. It was heartwarming for Patrick to watch neighbors all helping one another. How it should be. Even the curious came to watch or even helped, some of them were the groups of children from the villages. His 'bugle boys' were amongst them and practiced in the middle of the field to the center of the tracks. Luckily they had gotten a lot better, in fact one lively tune they favored was done very well. The small hordes of chidden would run the tracks, pretending they were the racing horses or dogs, which helped to flatten them down. Work became a pleasurable experience.

Neale was gone on a short trip and now Danny was leaving to help out at the orphanage. Even so the work continued and Jon came along with some of his brothers to fill in. All of them were 'on call' if the war got to the point where they were needed, until then, many of them were down to help the Frasier family out. The schedule planned was being kept to, ever mindful of 'the best laid plans', the tracks would get done when they did. There were more important things at times that needed attending. All in all it looked very well that the tracks and buildings would be done come spring and possibly their first race by the middle to end of springtime.

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