Patrick Murdough Frasier

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      Patrick had been the wild one, traveling far and wide for most of his younger years. Now at twenty five he still had a passion for life and the women that became a part. For all the ones he met along the way, he never settled down. He came close a few times but close only count in the toss of horseshoes.. He stood six foot three with eyes of a dark forest green. Toned muscular build for all the hard work he involved himself in. He was not allergic to working like some tending to be more lazy.

      He became the most involved in the racetracks as his brother Danny got engaged and other intrigues that needed his focus. Patrick didn't mind at all for he wasn't involved with anyone. He enjoyed working with the horses and riding. Dogs he got along with just as well. He had a natural rapport with the wild he found out. Swimming and hunting were also listed on his things he liked to do. Socializing when he had time or made time. Now that he was home to stay he was balancing his life well between work and play.

     Temper was not a stranger to Patrick and it showed in a good flare. He recognized ones that could not be trusted on highly strung instincts. When one came claiming to be the eldest long lost brother, Patrick had never been convinced and even antagonized the one every chance he got. He proved to have been right in the long run.


The Curse of the Frasiers

      It was shortly after his family returned, their father came to see to his family and the building of a manor home for them all on Ballicastle lands. Alistair died of a stroke soon after his arrival but upon his death bed he told of the family curse, mostly to Neale whom had been taught a child's song when young. The clues cryptic within the song to resolve.

A score ten one
The witch shall come
The son first born
Shall be forewarned
The women all
To death shall fall
A trinket's charm
The curse disarm
Take heed.
Take heed.
Take heed.

     The game began as the curse was unleashed with their father's death. Hannah was pregnant and would die in childbirth if they didn't resolve it. It became a race against time as Octavia and Hazel hindered them, Hazel to eventually turn allegiance in their favor upsetting the balance in the outcome. Death near claimed Hannah as Neale confronted Octavia to overcome and released Hannah from the curse and her child born, both of them unharmed.

     All seemed quiet as they set to the task of building the manor home their father had wanted for them... a family to stay together and be there for one another.

      Down behind the Manor was where the family graveyard was made with the death of Alisdair before it was finished and they moved into the Keep. Hannah eventually married Lochlan Kearney, a blacksmith of the lands. Falkirk Keep was built on Ballicastle lands. The family moving in there to situate themselves in these new lands. Eventually he and Danny built the Falkirk Downs Race Tracks which held races of both horses and dogs when weather permitted. Lands had been granted down in the meadows from where their Keep was built. It took near a year with setbacks for the plague of curses their family seemed to draw.

Falkirk Manor of Ballicastle

     Curses seemed to be a way of life for the Frasiers for upon the heels of one resolved came the plague of Broch Frasier, or more a man claiming to be the Frasier heir. He nearly ruined the family but it was his lust of women that became his downfall and killed. Another curse came in his return as a specter or so deemed at first. Gradually it came about he was able to defeat Octavia once and for all when she tried to possess Ellyn, ensuring his own redemption and released from the Frasier family. His brother Danny and he built the racetracks aptly named Falkirk Downs. Both seemed to take turns running it as life involved them in certain intrigues. First it was he who was lured by a woodland nymph and the first pangs of love felt. Love turned out to be as elusive as she. It wasn't long before she disappeared leaving that hurt behind of betrayal. He no longer trusted women beyond any physical need and those were ones he could walk away from. No strings attached. No ties. Most women who even showed the slightest interest in him he would maneuver onto his brothers or others.

     It was Danny that found love instead and with it came another curse to be resolved. The family always united as one to face them. Once more Patrick took to taking care of the race tracks and all was well with the world. There were always family matters that cropped up needing his help and the latest was filling in as the Shadow Fox after a daring rescue of his brother. The thrill of living on the edge was something he found he was not abrasive to, although not necessarily embracing it either. All was for a cause, a good one. Socially he'd become the one blunt in a near caustic way that held those shocked looked at times and muffled snickers. He was very good at eliciting a reaction. It was all a front, a shield from getting hurt again. He was slowly imploding with the need of real passion to be allowed impacting with the inability to trust. He was becoming out of control. It was on the brink of this near disaster that he met a certain Lady, full of fire and brimstone that matched his own.

Do I dare...
to meet the flames of desire
and let passion guide my heart?
Do I dare...
to trust in Fate guilelessly?
and move beyond the scar
of a healing heart?
Do I dare...
to watch starlight reflected in your eyes
while finding solace in your arms?
Do I dare...
to lower that shield so well in place
and leave behind the uncaring face?
Do I dare...
to throw caution to the wind
and drink fully of your lips?
Do I dare...
to crave the warmth of your body
so well fitted to mine?
Do I dare...
to take that chance
and expose my very soul?
Do I dare...
to trust sweet passion's fire
and learn to love again?
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