The Lafayette family of Bordeaux, France, was a wealthy family not by honest means. They had a way of taking from others by schemes that which was not theirs. Horse stealing was one of them for fun. Other families were in fear of them to even press charges and if they did, they disappeared. Sometimes without a trace and sometimes the bodies found in a way it could never be proven how it happened. The siblings were even wary of each other as they were held to a tight code of their own. If one faltered, they were as good as dead for the protection of the rest.

        Looking over one's shoulder became a natural habit. Pierre escaped once and joined up with Andre Bovee as a swash buckler. He had always been the one different than his siblings. Intelligence and mastermind capabilities, he was forced to use such talents to set up the schemes so they were never caught. He stayed with Andre for over a year but after one particular devastating fight with the pirate Black Beard, the ship was blown up and Andre wounded badly. They survived but Andre put aside his pirating ways until he recovered fully. It was believed Blackie had been killed in that fight but later they would find he had survived.


          Philipe found Pierre by that time and so he went back to France with his brother under threats made. The family liked to hold that kind of tight rein on their own. A few years passed with about the same schemes going on until a few of them got caught horse thieving. Something Pierre wasn't involved in. A brother and two cousins would rue the day they had stolen Daniel Frasier's horse and reported. They were caught and hung.

          The Lafayette family called out for revenge and so Pierre and Philipe were to find this Frasier man and see to his death. Pierre may have been the mastermind behind their schemes but he wasn't the one that had done any killing. His brother Philipe, on the other hand, was a temper ruled killer. During this time Pierre met a woman he planned to run away with and marry. His family didn't approve of her and when he went to meet her at the pier, somehow his family found out and she was found drowned. This was the way of his family. It was not something Pierre would ever forgive them for.


        They tracked Daniel Frasier down to Heathfield and near killed the man as they waylaid him an alley and beat him with clubs. Philipe giving the near death blows. Pierre holding back to only make it look good. It was the first time he got to witness his brother in such a frenzie. The man survived, however, for some very talented healers that had means beyond the norm. It was when Philipe came up with this scheme to kidnap the little niece and eventually kill her too, Pierre confided in Sarina of his brother's plan. Warned them. He had also made the decision to change but with all that went on was unsure if that was possible. Philipe was killed in that fight but the little girl went unharmed. There was no grief lost over his brother but Pierre knew he could not go home to France nor stay in these lands. He near escaped but was captured and only for the bumbling ways of a reporter was he able to escape. His escape brought him to an old monastery outside the lands run by monks who gave him sanctuary under their protection. Eventually he went back as Andre Bovee found out he was here and tracked him down. A long talk convincing his friend to come back with him and make amends. He would help him out.


        He met with the Frasier family and a tentative truce was gained between them. He was not met with open arms and didn't expect to be. Still, it was more than he had hoped for. He was offered a job with Andre in his shipping business. Full circle came about between the two friends but so much had changed within Pierre in the process. Good things.




Co-Owner of Bovee Shipping, Barrett's Bay, Heathfield Port


Photos used are in representation only of how this fictional character would look. Ben Affleck is the actor. No claims are made. Links below are for the SLs this character was in and his development over time on the Heathfield message board. A fuller version of the synopsis written there. AOL only can access this message board.

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