Aaron Barrett
Uncle of Queen Honeee and Princess Amberlette
Warm Brown Eyes * Six foot Six
Silver Hair * Sixty and Two
Druid Background
Business Tycoon

He was a recluse, even eccentric in his own ways, phased by little in the prime of his life. He took the death of his brother Andrew hard, along with his beautiful wife. His brother who had so much should die so young and he to live on. He was not the warrior type, but knew how to fight well and had to on many occasion. He was more of a intellect, letting Fate determine the course of Heathfield, not wishing to rule himself. One vow he kept, he kept an ever watchful eye on the twin daughters but in the background he remaind. They didn't know he existed, until now. Heathfield was structured on rules, rules he helped to create along his and Andrew's father, yet Andrew was the heir, and this sat well with Aaeron.

He was not much for the soap opera of castle life. He now came to the foreground as an infraction of one of their rules was being broken and he was here to enforce it. It was not something he relished, but he was a man of his word. He remained muscular and toned for his age, younger looking by many years.

And so it came to pass that he found one could not be rigid with rules at times, and as times changed so did rules need to be changed to encompass the new era. He also learned something of himself and in so doing opened up a heart that had been laid dormant for most of his years. He also found that one is not too old to learn nor to love.

Profile in Progress
**Picture used is to represent how Aaron would look only. No Claims Made**

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