Westside Harbor Master

Captain of the Wasp
22 gun Brigatine
Six foot Three * Dark Hair and Eyes
30 summers * Single
Oldest brother of Kyle, Gavin and Keriann

When Samuel Frasier died he left four children behind. Their mother, Doirenn had died years earlier. Adrian had been away on a high seas adventure that lasted years longer than expected. His ship came back tattered and torn but they had been successful. It was when he finally crawled back into port that the news of his father's death reached him. He took time to grieve at his gravesite. The fact he had not been here weighed heavily on his heart. His brother Kyle already gone to new lands, left a message for him. Something about their father's dying words he would speak with him on once they met up. That certainly piqued his curiosity.

Only life he knew was as a Sea Captain, a swashbuckler, a privateer and according to another letter sent, Kyle had gotten him the position of Westside Harbor Master. One of prestige befitting his experience. He tended to be a loner but situations changed things. They all had one thing in common - wanderlust. He set sail for the lands of Heathfield to start anew.

He eventually became the Westside Harbor Master, curbing his time out at sea but as time went on, he settled some enjoying having his family around. His duties keeping him busy, which included a few fights a week. There was much he kept locked away inside that was personal but otherwise he was friendly, willing to have a good time meeting others.

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+Here to play not waste my time in drama nonsense. Ignoring such ones come easily.+

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