Alexander started training with a sword when he could lift one at the young age of five. His father wanted him to have more than he. He trained him will until he was ten, rigorous hours between father and son. Eventually he grew beyond his father's skill who was one of the royal guards. He became a squire to one of the knights and by the time he was eighteen he was knighted. Handsome and daredevil he became first knight, protector and champion of King Andrew Barrett and his wife, Atessa. A small kingdom that was secured away in years of peace. He married Marilyn at twenty and a daughter was born to them within the years. She was named after her mother adding Rose.

She grew up and married which gave him two granddaughters. In those years he advanced to Second in Command along with being a delegate and ambassador to other lands. He was away on such a mission when the war broke out. Word got back to him as he made haste only to find that Rath had taken over and the war with Ballicastle underway. Tyremoor was allied with their kin of heart and it was to Ballicastle he went and helped his identical twin brother Alan out in the fighting. The king and queen were dead and their twin daughters missing. His wife had passed away a few years earlier, all her possessions being given to her daughter who in turn would hand them down to hers. Except it was reported that both she and husband, along with the two little girls had perished in the raids Rath executed on any faithful to the crown under Andrew.

When the war ended and Honeee along her sister were found regaining their rightful place, he was much older and worn. He could still fight like the devil if he needed but leave such to the younger men of honor and valor. He and his brother talked with the new queen in a way to serve behind the scenes. What better way to know of everything and anything going down than the tender of a tavern? He taking up the Thistle Tavern in Heathfield while his brother manned Bali Hi in Ballicastle. Those that were new came there first more often than not, those that were upstanding citizens could be kept inform along with the crown. It was a way he and Alan could continue to contribute, their oath given until their last breath to King Andrew and would stay steadfast to his daughter and her son to follow if they lived that long.

<<Immature gaming and attitudes ignored. No IM play except those of the game he is in or guests to ask questions while playing in the room.>>

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