André Boveé
Boveé Shipping of Heathfield
Six Foot Four * Dark Blond Hair,
Blue Eyes * 26 years * Single
Partner: Pierre Lafayette

Full Circle

Maggie O'Hara came to the Monet household as an indentured servant. Her family lost during the famine of Eire she had nothing left to call her own. Arrangements had been made through a friend by Jacque Monet. She was to do whatever was needed, from washing clothes to cooking and cleaning. She was hard worker and grateful for the opportunity of a new life, little did she know how it would unfold.

A little on the plump buxom side, Maggie's greatest attribute was her startling blue eyes and a smile to match. It was these that brought the notice of Jacque himself for lustful reasons. Innocent and nieve she was an easy victim to this lord of the Monet family. A fertile lass, she was pregnant within a month. Jacque would have nothing to do with her nor the child she carried. Being none others knew of this incident, he paid off her indenture if she would leave and keep quiet, along with a few threats if she didn't.

In tears she did persuade him to take a Rosary that was her grandmothers. The cross broken as she would one day give the other piece to her child that would fit the other that would be kept by him. It was a brutal bargain but for her it meant something, even if Jacque was a cad, that their child would meet their father. A legal document was signed, as he would leave no loose ends, disowning any inheritance if she agreed to this. Maggie didn't care about money in that way so the papers were signed and tucked away only to give their child upon her death.

Maggie left for France and eventually met up with Pierre Boveé. In spite of her condition he had fallen in love and with no one the wiser he held the son that was born months later, as his own. Pierre was a good man, hard working like Maggie and between them both they established Pierre Enterprise making them one of the wealthiest merchant businesses in Paris. André grew up a happy child with only a dark mood that would beset him every so often. Maggie doted on him as she found she could have no more children and she worried for him knowing the truth of who his father really was. As he grew, he learned his father's business and upon his death all titles were transferred to André. Near his 26th birthday his mother took ill with pneumonia and never recovered. It was a sad day for André as he sat by his mother's side as she laid dying. It was then she told him the truth and gave him the small satchel that contained the broken part of a cross and the legal document. She made him promise to fulfill this oath and bring life about full circle.

André reached a height of 6' 4", lean and well toned. Dark blond hair held the reddish flare offset by light's rays. He was more striking in appearance than handsome having the startling blue eyes and smile of his mother. Jacque would recognize his son when he met him. A year after his mother's death he tied up all loose ends and left the merchant business in the hands of a good friend to run for him. The trip he would be certain to make it as short as possible, the only incentive was the promise made and the artifact that interested him. He was told it had been blessed by St. Patrick himself and held two qualities, one was healing properties and the second was its powers against snakes, lizards, serpents and dragons, those of the reptilian species

The cross was made whole, now worn around his neck, and he left the lands and family of Monet, ending up in Heathfield. Matters with his business in France came to the point he was needed back to straighten them out so he had to leave for a time. Now he returned and set about setting up his own shipping company on Heathfield lands. His shipping business flourished as in time one of his best friends came back. Pierre Lafayette became his business partner when things were set straight. Heather was hired as their secretary and a few other connections made. Swashbucklers they became known as in their own affairs beyond regular business to keep in check the pirates that sailed the high seas. Pierre usually took over while Andre was abroad a lot setting up new enterprises and having their wealth amass.

*Picture used is to represent how Andre would look only. No Claims Made*

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