Antoinette Elizabeth Cairns - banAedan MacKay

Five Foot Six
Dark hair and Eyes
Married to Aedan MacKay

The daughter of a Duke, becoming the Duchess of Aberdeen after her mother passed away. Short lived

Still, life was not one others would presume glorious for the lovely Antoinette. Beautiful. Like her mother before her but there was fire in her heart and soul. She had not been mistreated by her father but ignored.

She was only a woman, everything was his son. Branan. She stood at 5' 6" with dark hair that held the hint of redwood. Eyes were equally dark like smoldering flames for the light one would find in their depths if they got close enough.

Not too many got close unless she was in their face to back them off or confront.

Their history went to the tune of the Duke of Aberdeen marrying a French noblewoman. Middle aged he had not produced an heir. The firstborn, Trevor, died as a child. Fragile. Perhaps he had been possessed by demons, at least that was what her father had said. Worse. He was no son of his for his ways, demon spawn. That was in his past with his death. Next was born a son to take his place being given his name for endurance, more out of superstition. Branan became his axis. The lad was spoilt in every way. Antoinette, Annie, was born a few years later and written off purely as a female. There was no time to be wasted on a daughter, his wife could have her. He had his son.

Antoinette loved her daughter and strove to raise her in the Druid ways. This was easy enough to do as the Duke had little time for both. It was the son who harbored hatred for his sister for there was one thing his father could not give him and that was his mother's love. She loved her son but he was kept from her unlike her daughter. Of course the younger Branan didn't see it that way. So the years past, Antoinette growing in a self assuredness to be constantly pitted against her brother who was all about flaunting his inability to prove he had power. The threats had been made every time Antoinette bested him in intelligence, wit and prowess. Eventually that day came.

The mother shared secrets with her daughter for the woman she proved to be as she grew. She told her of Trevor, the whole story although left out the one part where he had not died. Branan didn't even know he had a brother. Only reason Antoinette held back that one part was she would be asked a million questions as to why he didn't live with them or worse, have the daughter go look for the true heir and brother. The day came when her mother passed on, Mary Beth having left to other land not stated. One thing Antoinette remembered her mother saying was that if anything ever happened to seek out Mary Beth for help. Stay with her if necessary for she could protect her.

It was only a few weeks later that her father passed on. She was sorry but more for not ever really having a father in him. Branan had left to talk with the other elders of the lands as Antoinette wandered the halls of the castle they resided in. Her steps had her pausing at her father's office, a place she had rarely ever been to. Whatever drew her here she could only later chalk up to Fate and maybe her mother watching over her. There in the desk, in full view no less, was the contract of her marriage to this ancient noble confined to a wheel chair. Even her father's signature was on the document so it had been arranged even before his death. The man was wealthy and would be a good addition to any stronghold no matter their own wealth. Even more he had connections and influence in circles that mattered.

The fury flared as she tore it up, leaving it in shreds on the desk before fleeing to her room. She packed what she could carry, took the notes worth a small fortune her mother left her and fled the castle. It would be the last her brother saw her if she had her way. She was having her way! Her stallion of a dark chestnut with a black mane and tail was mounted. What she could fit in saddle bags is what would go with her, including her mother's jewelry which she hid well along with the notes. Riding britches worn along with a warm sweater and a hooded heavy cloak. She left no tracks as she went in search of Mary Beth with little to go on other than she had managed to find the ship she had taken. It made a few rounds to various lands so she just chose the same day in the hopes they kept to a pattern, most did.

She ended up in Heathfield with her friend Sorcha, who join her on the ship. She had not only been concern on Annie's welfare but needed to get away from the claws of Branan, who pursued her relentlessly. Not properly at all. So the two set out on a new life together in making their way. It was in the days to follow that she found her brother Trevor, alive and nothing like Branan. It was also here in these lands she met the man to capture her heart and soul one faithful night out at the Thistle Tavern. It was a glance that had been caught, eyes capture and their hearts lost like a bird on the wing.

*Pictures used are to represent how Annie would look only. No Claims Made*

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