Five foot five, blond hair, green eyes, fair of skin and of figure. Twenty-seven summers. Never Married.

Former Mail Order Bride: ~I was introduced to this idea and it became appealing with the modest lands we owned were taken over and given to foreign Land Barons. My fiancee was killed during the rebellions and marked as a traitor which kept any others a far distance from me or have their name smeared in association. The rest of me family scattered with the famine and sought other lands years ago or are dead, I do not know for certain on three. I am willing to try a new opportunity than what I have been living under these past few years. I will work hard at keeping a house, I'm good at baking and I don't talk much unless you be wanting, then I shall do me best.~

She came to the lands of Heathfield to meet her husband only to find that one had played an elaborate prank on three others. Two others like herself had come too. Except they didn't lose out on anything, in fact gained much even if it wasn't a husband. It was set up only as a possibility. Instead they found a home, no more plagued by corruption and wars, no more death just around the corner or knocking at their door. She settled in, content with the Pet Shoppe she took on. Her love of animals of all kinds realized and finally found some peace and happiness. Her past stored away as she begins a new life, one with joy in it even if not a husband. She had been wary to begin with but dire circumstances and a bit o' Irish luck made the difference.

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+Here to play not waste my time in drama nonsense. Ignoring such ones come easily. Images used are only in representation of how Beth would look.+

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