A Man of Many Faces
Involved in the Intrigues of the Colonies
During Their Revolutionary Times
Swamp Fox

25 Years of Age
Six Foot Three or so
Dark Hair and Blue Eyes

Bradley was a daring sort, good looking in an aristocratic way, tall being over six and three with a commanding air about him. He was twenty and five come spring. Hooking up with Captain Adam Smith three years ago, had changed his life's course from the droll uppity stuffy room boors to become one more open minded and adventurous. He'd barely spent anytime at home in England the last three years. John was his godfather and he'd do anything within his power to help out his favored uncle and aunt Martha. So he had been talked into taking Oisin, the poor refugee from the colonies his uncle and aunt had adopted.

He was dressed properly in a deep red surcoat that was near black. Ruffled shirt around his neck and the regulated buttons down the front in silver. It was matched by the embroidered roping around the cuffs as well the shoulder edges and neckline. He noticed the Harrington carriage arrive. Although John Harrington was of lesser prestige, lesser money, he gave him all the dignity he felt he deserved. "I do believe they have arrived." He stood on the forecastle deck where he could see pretty much all in a good distance. Hands tucked behind his back as he naturally moved with the swaying pitch of the ship yet standing ramrod for all appearances sake. "Although I don't see the girl." He didn't recognize Oisin for she had changed so much in those five years. That was the beginning of a new adventure for them all.

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+Here to play not waste my time in drama nonsense. Ignoring such ones come easily. Pictures used are in representation of how Bradley would look only. No claims made.+

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