"White Bear"

Dark blue eyes, near black * Six foot three
Strong build * Twenty-One Summers * Single
Known affectionately as Tsvsgino by their tribe for their pranks

Second born of fraternal twins, brother of Yakitchi (Snow Brave), sons of Alexander and Chantal McDonough. It is said his hand was wrapped around his brother's heel as they were born. Later, the white men would call him Matt for their ways instead of pronouncing his name fully.

Their mother gave them their white man's Christian names as Alexander Gage and Maurice Joseph as was the wish of their father. She died a few days after their birth. The tribe decided being Alexander, their father had the madness illness they would keep the children even if he survived. It would be told his child (leaving him to believe there was only one) had died with their mother in childbirth. The sign of twins by their Shaman, Milap, said to keep them in their tribe for they would bring them honor when they came of age and the foreseen tribal wars.  It was Milap, Shaman of the Bear Clan that adopted them as his sons for his wife had been barren. It was the Great Spirit that deemed it should be this way and he would not go against his wishes

(Character created 5-12-06. Older player. No rp in IM's. RPL#1. Here to have fun writing, drama free.)

*Pictures used are to represent how the Braves would look only. No Claims Made*

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