Daughter of the late Donnachadh, Earl of Great Oaks, and Concessa MacKinlay
Five foot seven, dark chestnut hair
Twenty three years old
Engaged to Mike Cunningham
Brothers: Niall (27) and Cian (25)

When the Witch came into power over Kildare, many families suffered especially those who stayed true to the king even if deceased. Rumors whispered was the Witch had something to do about his death. King Seamus McLarkin had come to visit her father, Donnchadh MacKinlay on a dire matter before his demise of which she was too small to understand. What she did understand was the fear that held to their home constantly as each day came and went. Something that was not going away but intensifying over the years. Her oldest brother, Niall was sent away to travel much to her breaking heart for she had idolized him as well her brother Cian. Each day that feel of dread became heavier. There were people that came that had her parents upset. Her mother, Concessa gave her a beautiful necklace to wear to remember her by. Brigid didn't like the way the words sounded at even at such a young age of three. She and Cian were sent away to relatives with the promise they would soon come and they would all be together again. They never came and finally were told that they had died. Niall was gone too, no word and assumed dead, Brigid refused to believe that he was. She and Cian finally took off on their own for no monies would continue to come in now that their parents were dead. The relatives were not really relatives they eventually learned but friends that had helped out with money offered. She and Cian found their way back to former home, Great Oaks, now abandoned since their parent's death. They had learned that the Witch had been overthrown by one of Seamus' sons, heir to the throne. Their parents had been accused of treason against the crown and thus the reason for their execution, they didn't know if the present King would believe the lies.

In time they were discovered hiding out in the secret room of the manor. They also discovered that the accusations against their parents were null, as many false claims had been made and recorded by the Witch and her cohorts as a means to execute. The Kingdom of Kildare was being restored by the twin heirs, King Leoric and Regent Gaidan McLarkin. Their name cleared, in fact honored for their parents sacrifice in staying loyal to King Seamus and now his sons would have their loyalty. Finally, the feel of dread was lifting after near two decades, what had been wronged was being put to right. Now Brigid only needed to piece together a life that had been torn apart for so many years.

Engagement Ring given her by Mike Cunningham

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*Here to play not waste my time in drama nonsense. Images used are only in representation of how Brigid would look. No claims made.*

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