Bryan Michael McAndrews
One of Triplet Princes of Ballicastle
Seventeen Summers * Blond Hair * Blue Eyes * Six Foot Four * Single
....and of course the McAndrews Dimples
Sixth born son of King Chadrick II and Queen Danielle McAndrews

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Siblings:   Chadrick III: <Rick> 21,  Trevellyn Scott: <Treve> 19, Douglas: 18, Charles Robert: 17,  Rory Edward: 17, Bryan Michael: 17, Cory Joseph: 16,  Collin Patrick: 14, Damien Allan: 12,  Darthanian Jon: 10.


More to Come. Newly played character

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~~Adult Writer here to write with other serious writers without ooc drama attached. No claim made of pictures used, they are to represent how this character would look only.~~


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