Burgous Edward Northam

Six Foot Five
Brown Hair * Blue Eyes
Thirty and Five

Tall, thin, arrogant and a very wealthy Englishman
He goes by Birdie around his friends.

He hung out with the bon ton fops...but never underestimate all the English...not all is what it seems. Estate just outside of Luneberg and Ballicastle - Heathfield.

The man was just short of looking the pompous fop. His whole suit was made of red, cream and black silk, only reason he got away with it was his pretty-boy looks. Black hair offset blue eyes. Tall, thin and arrogant as that aquiline nose was held just a bit high for his own good. Snuff could always be found in a pocket for that just right moment for a pinch. Good with the cards and never a mind to the nights he lost for they would always be made up for. He had money to spend, money to lose and money to gain again.

His voice was not how one might assume it to be for a tall thin man...high pitch with a squeaky quality. No...it was a deep fluid rich baritone that escaped this man's lips. He paid for this voice well with all his tutors in speech and song. The man could sing that was why he became known as Birdie, besides the ability to bend one's ear if he was crossed by any small infraction of etiquette. Least how he defined it. He had an eye for a pretty woman and liked his women close. One would find him mostly with his friends...Devon Crawford and Mitchell. Their leisurely time spent in a high stakes card game at Crawford manor.

(Maturity expected, period. Childish behavior-powergaming = ignored. Here to write-roleplay, not socialize to meet others ooc. I have a life. No guilds.)

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