Charles Robert McAndrews
One of Triplet Princes of Ballicastle
Seventeen Summers * Blond Hair * Blue Eyes * Six Foot Four * Single
....and of course the McAndrews Dimples
Fourth born son of King Chadrick II and Queen Danielle McAndrews

Of the three boys, Charles was the quiet one who could often be found with his nose in a book though he enjoyed the training and lessons that came with being the son of a McAndrews, and even more, the son of a King.  He was always eager to join Bryan and Rory in an adventure -- ones that sometimes had unexpected results.

Siblings:   Chadrick III: <Rick> 21,  Trevellyn Scott: <Treve> 19, Douglas: 18, Charles Robert: 17,  Rory Edward: 17, Bryan Michael: 17, Cory Joseph: 16,  Collin Patrick: 14, Damien Allan: 12,  Darthanian Jon: 10.


More to Come. Newly played character

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~~Adult Writer here to write with other serious writers without ooc drama attached. No claim made of pictures used, they are to represent how this character would look only.~~


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