Charlie One Time

"Charlie's gift is called Mirroring of the Souls, her mind can not be read, PERIOD, those attempting to do so, see a reflection of their own minds. Do you like what you see in yourself ?Her blood lines are old, her family is neither human nor beast.In the ways of her kind she walks the realm, sliding along the planes from one time frame to the next, In more recent times, she wears sleeveless halters, and leather britches, formed to fit snuggly, her left arm, and shoulder are motled by a white scar, that literally bubbles in a sense.The entire left side of her body is scarred in the same way. Badges of courage, she survived being burned, the scar just add to her fierce determination to enjoy life."

Some day when our dream world finds us, we can look back and say it was it fun, perhaps words to live by, or perhaps a way to live life that is not like any other, Charlie walks through life looking for the laughter and the soul of the moment.Not everything you see is what is real, do you know the difference?There is no claim to fame, or desire to be anything more then she was born, Charlie can be stubborn, mischievous, and yet she prides herself on being a friend, Charlie One Time  imagine and beleive. She does Kenneth is the sunshine of her life.


Charlie is a work in progress!

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