Cole Lachian
Knight Defenders of Innis Daingneach
Single * Age 27
Sole companion, Sir Melville

He hailed from the tropical lands of Daurenia, although that was not the country of his birth. Most only knew him as the Knight Defender, along with his comrades Aiden, Dylann, Leith and Gabriel. In fact, most knew him not at all.

When he was sent out with Gabriel, each to separate kingdoms to negotiate trade treaties, neither of them suspected their returns would be delayed. Neither of them thought that Daurenia would not be there to return to.

But, when Cole returned, he found nothing save a rock etched by Aiden's hand with instructions. North.

And so he set out - - - North. He tracked his comrades to a land called Heathfield. And from there, to the island, Innis Daingneach.

He now serves, bearing the Empowered Sword of Heathfield, King Peter O'Neill of Innis Daingneach. Knight Defender still. Forever.

My sword, my skill and my sworn allegiance I give to you. My soul, however, has never been mine to offer."

Immortality is not a blessing, it is a curse.  I wish not to live forever.  But to die with my sword in my hand and a warcry splitting the air. 
I am as I am, the man inside.  No matter the form that I must endure. 
Cole, Legion of Lachians.   Those who can transend the boundaries of the human form and the restrictions of the mortal body they are born into.  A birthright of power? Or a curse for all eternity?
To see through my eyes ... to dream as I exist in a world of rise beyond the limitations of the flesh.  - Lachians -

**Pictures used are to represent how Cole would look only. No Claims Made**

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