18 Years Old * Five foot Six
Dark Hair and Eyes

She was the youngest born. She'd grown up not knowing where she fitted in while the others all seemed to find their niche. She was the one with the dark eyes unlike any of her brothers and sisters. She had wondered at times if she'd been adopted for she seemed so different. The blue eyes of her sisters were adored, envied, though it didn't taint her love for them. Self conscious, she felt drab in comparison. Her father and oldest brother, Eion, use to tell her tales of a magical place where Elves lived alongside humans. Some even married like the mystical King and Queen of these lands. It was he and Eion that tried to instill self worth and esteem, telling her she was like her great great grandmother, a Druidess of those very lands. Dark eyes that haunted men that laid eyes upon them. Beautiful. Though Concessa wanted to believe them, and certainly appreciated the sentiment, she couldn't hold onto fairy tales anymore. She would remember these tales fondly though the years as part of her childhood.

At sixteen, and with her father's concern for her obvious withdrawal from everyone and almost everything except her sketching, he decided to send her to a Finishing School in England of a very high reputation. She knew he spent a lot of money to do so and her protests fell on deaf ears. She also knew then just how much he loved her to be so concerned to spend such money. The overly proper school didn't help much in getting her out of her shell, but once she graduated and left with a friend on a Holiday, she started taking those steps being almost on her own. Her father thinking she was still in that school as she explored England's countryside. Jacquline had family, rich family of high standing, and had coaxed Concessa to join her for some fun. There were parties and teas and she met people of social status which only had her become even more quiet. It was when Jacquline's older brother made advances on her, that she fled to Jacquline for help.

His lips still burned on hers as she got Jacquline aside in a plea that she would stop her brother. His words still ringing in her ears when she pushed him away. But I cannot help kissing you when I am so near.

"Oui? Franc kissed you. Is he not handsome and kisses well?" Jacquline, a year older than Concessa, found it amusing, even something she would think wished. "He has all the women after him wanting his kiss but he kisses you, Concessa.."

Jacquline's implications went over her head. She felt the conflict of body and mind enough to scare her. Afraid these fine ladies and the long standing, wealthy families would disapprove even if her friend did not. She was not English born and not of high standing in society. Worse, to the English, she was Irish. There would be trouble and her father would find out as well her siblings. She could feel the heat still burning upon her cheeks much as the kiss. "Yes, yes he is, but.. "

Jacquline cut her off, "there are no buts for he is French." Partially but Jacquline liked to hold onto the prestige that went along with being French and the reputation romantic wise than her English stoic half.

The conversation went around in such circles that Concessa knew by the end of it she was to flee and so fled home. Thanking her friend for her kindness but left before she or her brother could stop her. Not wishing to tell any of her family of such an adventure taken without their knowledge or permission, she felt guilty that somehow she brought on the man's advances. Not realizing it had not been her fault at all other than actually talking to him when he'd corner her persistently. It turned out a message had been sent which she received that day she decided to leave, for her to return home. So all fell in place she'd not have to make up reasons she was back so soon.

It was when she reached home, harsh reality set in to find their father had died. She had hoped to at least find both her sisters there, Melantha and Gemma but neither were. She was told by the butler who remained as well his wife, they were to go to these lands called Heathfield where their sister Melantha would be waiting for them. Their father's wishes. As far as they knew only Melantha was there as Segan and Conor had gone off to find their brother Eion before their father's death.  It brought back the memories that had been set aside, the stories her father and brother use to tell her. She wondered, for certainly if they were to go to these lands they existed not just as fairy tales. Wondering came if all those stories of these magical lands were true or what had been embellished.


**This is a fictional roleplaying character. Not real. No claims to the pictures made of this model in representing how Concessa would look. IM play is limited to those in the game of Heathfield. RPL#1. Profile in progress - 022009**

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