The Family Quinn

Brothers:  Eion (28), Segan (27), Conor (24)
Sisters:  Gemma (23), Melantha (20), Concessa (18)

A grandfather's tales of war and betrayal, intrigue and flight had never been a part of Conor's life as it had for his older brothers.  Jaxom had died the very year that Conor was born, leaving the growing boy without a grandfather, but with a father who was determined that his sons should understand discipline, training, preparation.  While his brothers were trained in the sword and the bow, Conor used to hide himself away to spy, to watch, and in that way, learn.  When he at last reached the age to study the art of war, the youngest Quinn boy would not be outdone by his older brothers.  While his skill with weaponry grew, Conor found he'd rather face off fist to fist and in that, many a barroom brawl, many a side yard scuffle was contributed to Conor Quinn's quick temper and quicker blow.

First one of his elder brothers, and then the next, struck off to seek their fortune leaving Conor behind with his sisters.  Conor continued with his apprenticeship, learning a trade to support a modest living.  He soon was able to purchase the saddle shop from his master and provided specialty saddles, bridles, harnesses and most of the tack needed whether a single mount or a team of eight to not only their area but to customers who came from far abroad to purchase from the artisan known as the Man of Leather.  A modest living soon turned into a rather decent means of financial support.

It was upon Segan's return from the sea and their father's urging that the two brothers set off to find the eldest, Eion.  For all Conor knew, his oldest brother continued to enjoy his life of sword-arm-for-hire, but since his father seemed concerned and quite adamant that Eion was in trouble (oh, and their father, when adamant, still caused Conor to possibly quake in his boots), the two set off with little to guide them but a questionable name.

And so, their adventures together began.
The Brother's Quinn.


**Immature gaming and occ will be ignored. No IM play unless those of Heathfield. No claims to the pictures used, they are only to represent how Conor would look.**

Quinn Family
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