Corina Rose Turlough
Duchess of Kildare

Five foot Seven
Long Blond Hair * Misty Green Eyes

Married to Gaidan McLarkin - Regent of Kildare

Corina and her siblings were born in a small village in County Derry, Ireland. Their father died following her birth, their mother never remarrying. At her death, the responsibility fell to Kieran to take care of them.  It was not an easy life, though the family had enough money to give both girls a dowry and allow Kieran to continue his training as a warrior for the Laird of the lands.  They had friends, but there was always the gossip about them.  Fae touched, not normal. Perhaps it was true for each had eyes that were an intense aqua. Nineteen years old, soft blond hair and tipped eyes. A touch of the Fae it was said.

Beginning to suspect that the Laird would never let him be more than a soldier, not the knight he dreamed of being, Kieran became brooding and moody. He had been a bear to be around when life was so different for them all.

 Her heart went out to her older brother feeling as a burden for him. Silent tears were at night as she debated leaving, sneaking off into the night and finding her own way to lessen the hardship. She was distraught, having not gotten over her mother's death. Instead, her brother didn't come home for a few days as he followed some map. Her plans were put off. Kieran came home with a fantastic story and the means for them to leave. Life changed once more to become an adventure for the three instead of a stagnated rut. The sold the gems to a reputable dealer, packed up their belongings and boarded a ship.

Shipwrecked ashore Heathfield one faithful night, they came to stay. Kieran becoming a squire to one day be knighted. She and Cairenn started a candy store. All three had settled in and life was good. It was at the Thistle Tavern she met a man one evening, snow falling all around as she approached, who teased her. He became her Snow Prince and she his Snow Angel. It wasn't until later that she found out he was indeed a real Prince of the lands, one that became Regent of Kildare.

Kildare Castle

Cairenn, 21, Corina 20, Kieran 18

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