Dacey Noreen Monahan

Five foot Five
Brown Hair and Eyes

Dacey was "Nature's child" best describing her for her gentle nature, shy, and a natural rapport with animals. She stood a mere five foot five in height and at the age of twenty it seemed that would be as tall as she would get. Petite, streamline, she moved with the natural grace of nature like a deer in motion. Soft brown curls held the glint of red and sometimes golds in sunlight, wild as the spirit within. A natural beauty was held not so much in the delicate bone structure of her features but that glint of life in the deep velvet brown of her eyes. She was usually clad in soft dark brown frock and a loose fitting coral colored blouse beneath when romping through the fields and woods. When not in the woods she wore the more courtly dress and attire, varying with her mood.

In spite of her preference to live in the woods as a nymph, as her spirit would have.. she was ushered off to boarding school to become the lady her status required. She didn't rebel for she knew it was necessary and would make her family proud of any accomplishments. Still, it didn't go unnoticed of the quiet lass whose gaze would drift from her studies to the open window and the call of nature... day dreaming, until they were interrupted by the scholar sometimes with a snap of her attention back as a hand slapped to her desk to gain it. Sometimes a scowl was seen with the lift of that dark gaze, sometimes a knowing smile... but they did gain her attention back to where it should be.

Spring had come and so with it the ending of her studies here, she would be graduating soon as a Lady of etiquette. Did she put her best effort into this considering her true desires? Would she manage in the world outside being rather shy and aloft at times? Trepidation was there in the worried glint of her eyes along with the butterflies they produced.. a new world to discover that held no promises. Would her daydreams be realize or make endurance of reality that much harder? All these things were held to herself in her shy quiet ways.

She was sent as a ward of Heathfield Castle under the Queen and King there to continue her studies and learn the ways of a lady. It was hoped by this a suitable marriage would be hers one day and ensure her future. Her parents had this in mind by sending her away.

*Picture used is to represent how Dacey would look only. No Claims Made*

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