Makeup Artist

Blue Rhapsody Theater
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Her name meaning Delicate Flower
Dark Eyes and Hair
Graceful Slim Build
Five Foot Six
Twenty-three and Single

Raul 28, Damian 27, Veronica 25, Pedro 24, Dalila 23 and Brigidia 21

She did well as an actress along with begin a makeup artist. Each of her siblings were multi-talented, acting along with another particular skill that was honed. Their family had always been into acting via their mother and so she grew up with a family troupe.

Their father was a wealthy Malaga merchant with many ships had gambling debts along with some deals in properties that those he was involved with had turned against him, stealing what was his. This was not a legacy Juan had wanted to pass onto his children. Their mother, Charo, having died years earlier and so with his passing major changes occurred within the family. Raul became head and his decision was to relocate them to a place he had visited before. They would leave behind the mess of gambling debts and start anew with the passion they all had for acting. He was granted the Blue Rhapsody Theater. An old chapter is closed as a new one begins. Lessons of the past kept.

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*Adult writer, immature play will be ignored. I'm here for fun not for psychopathic mongers that feel anything goes they want, it does not. Renaissance character created 4-01-07* No claims made to pictures used to represent Dalila.*

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