Matriarch of the Quinn Clan
Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
Somewhere in her 60's - who's counting?

Mary Quinn never expected to outlive her husband for as many years as she had.  She had come to Ireland as a young wife and mother after the usurper Rath murdered the king and Queen of Heathfield. Though she missed her homeland, she was content.  But in recent years, a longing came over her.  And when her granddaughter, Melantha moved to Heathfield and asked to move the remains of Jaxon to Heathfield with those of Jaxon II and Ceyln to be reburied there she insisted it be done.  When her grandsons found their way home, she packed her bags and waited and was soon journeying with them back to Heathfield, her home.  She found the lands as lovely as when she had left.  To her delight, she is living  in the same home that had been hers and Jaxon's where she can watch over her family just as she had back in Ireland.

Even now, her grown grandchildren are careful of Gran's broom and her quick tongue though they all love her dearly.


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*Here to play not waste my time in drama nonsense. Images used are only in representation of how Mary would look. No claims made.*

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