Age 19. Single. 5' 8"
Red Bronze hair. Water green eyes.
Slim will-o-wisp build.

Being the youngest could be both a blessing and curse. For Deirdre it was more blessing than curse, even when they had to flee their home.  There was so much more to see and do in the lands that were their new home.  The only thing she missed was their father.

Graceful of limb in a natural flowing rhythm earned her the moniker of Little Swan from her older brother James. A brother she adored in a hero worshiping way. Becoming of age, the few males met were gauged accordingly and so far they had gone lacking. Luckily she didn't think much on them or too often as the woods drew her and all the little living creatures found there. From the wee tadpole to the white-tail deer. She had a natural rapport even with ones not liking humans. When Ultan came with his son and daughter, her cousins, and her brother had left, they were dark times in her life that she took to the woods to avoid these relatives she care not for uncle or his son. She became much like the little woodland creatures to scurry away on silent feet rather. She was the youngest and easily overlooked, preferring it that way.

Originally from County Clare, Ireland, the province of Munster, Tomas Callihan left his home to seek his fortune like so many others.  He traveled for many years until finally making his home in a rough and tumble land that eventually became the Duchy of Montrose.  Carving out a land that was rich in lumber, precious metals and dark soil good for growing grain, he also found a wife.  They were happy together and raised a son and four daughters.  The son, Ronan, was the youngest of the family, became Duke at a young age, following the accidental death of  his father and mother.  Ronan in turn married.  He and his wife had four sons and three daughters.  When their youngest was still a child, the Duchess died.  Ronan never remarried again, knowing he would mourn his Rose until his dying day.

After swearing alliance to the King of neighboring Kildare, Duke Ronan settled into a peaceful life until  on the night of a terrible storm, Ronan and his eldest son argued.  No one knows the reason or what was said, but James rode away and was not heard from again.  Ronan distanced himself from Kildare when the King went mad.  Mountains and a river kept them from being invaded at first, though the Duchy was in a constant state of readiness.

Adam, the second son, was groomed to take over the Duchy, but he had little desire to take his brother's place.  After his two younger brothers, Morgan and Faelan were sent off to Ireland to learn the ways of sailing a ship, Adam slipped away to search for James.  Ronan became ill and the people whispered the illness was sent from Kildare itself.  His closest advisor -- his brother Ultan -- began to take over the Duchy, leaving Ronan as little more than a puppet.    Morgan and Faelan, had led a mutiny against their captain and now have their own ship.  One night, while a winter storm raged, they slipped into the fortress and spirited their sisters, Alannah, Regan and Deirdre away.   An angry Ultan sent men to find them but so far, the siblings have eluded them.

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