Resident of Heathfield
Strawberry curly hair past her shoulders
Light green eyes watch you with no recognition
Married to Allan Cleary

Blind since the age of 9, she is accompanied by her guide-dog Jasper, her only companion. Strong of mind and spirit, having courage beyond her 26 years, Devon likes to make people laugh and enjoys the company of good friends. She inherited her mother's talent for playing the violin, as well as her singing voice, and even used it on occasion to sooth a crying child. Despite her blindness, Devon has become a gifted potter by trade. Loves going on long walks with Jasper, always enjoying nature, having a real affinity for animals, and . Devon has an innate ability to know how people feel, catching hints of emotion from their voices, her loss of sight having heightened her other senses.

A lot of good could be accomplished in this world if nobody cared who got the credit.
(Only mature RP please, no IMs)


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