O'Neill Family of Innis Daingneach
Duchess of Voiriey

Tropical Island Fortress Ruled by King Peter James O'Neill
Long blond hair * dark blue eyes
Five Foot Seven * Twenty-five Summers
Married to
Lord Connor Kavanaugh - Duke of Voiriey

She was still unmarried at her age, looking years younger, but then she had not met the right man. Perhaps it was more that she wasn't looking even if there were whispers that she should have been long ago. Oh, there were suitors but she danced away with an impish spark in blue eyes, it was still all a game to her in those matters. It would be hard for one to live up to either of her brothers who she had set as a gauge. She would settle for nothing less than the best. She occupied her time keeping Innis running smoothly as the woman of the castle should. It involved a lot more than others realized. She was happy as was her nature to be. Her four ladies in waiting gave her game to see them married instead. Laughter was often heard in plenty when two or more of them were gathered.

Her looks hinted upon Fae but there was nothing known of their background from years ago except a few stories told to her by her mother when she was little. Such imagination was kept alive and nurtured. There had been the troubled years when her oldest brother, Peter, had words with their father and left, she had cried into her pillow at night in prayer that he one day would return. It wasn't until her twenty-first birthday and a ball given for her that she received the best present of all, her brother returned. The reunion was bittersweet and tearful, a day that would always be imprinted on her mind. He had shown up disguised and turned so many heads at the handsome he'd grown into. At first they all thought he had come as a suitor and now she could look back upon that small aspect and laugh. They were all together once more and she knew their mother smiled upon them from heaven.

It was Conor who had been her crush as a girl and it was Conor that eventually loved her as well. They were married in a grand occasion for Innis in the Spring, finally after a couple years engagement. Things had a way of coming up or maybe it was fate that had things come up until the right moment. Either or, they were very happy and that is all that matters in the end.

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