Five foot Seven
Healthy-trim Physique
Dark Eyes and Hair
28 Autumns
Accomplished Gourmet Chef

Married to Kyle Frasier - Her Love, Her Life

Esmeralda was different or so she always heard whispered by family and friends when growing up. Sometimes she would notice the subtle motion of hand making the cross. Changeling or Druid were whispered words when they thought she wasn't paying attention or heard. The problem was she had excellent hearing and sight beyond the norm although that too was accepted as being the norm for her. Realization didn't come until she was much older and noted others could not see or hear the things she could. She withdrew when she got those looks and so hid those extrasensory perceptions, keeping them to herself.

She grew into her looks from gangling as a youth and awkward her beginning teen years. An ugly duckling into the swan some she heard say but inside she didn't feel she was anything different than so many others. So many others far more beautiful if one went by appearances. What became important was developing the areas that interested her. She found she had a passion for cooking and the status of her family allowed her to travel to many countries to learn their ways. Gourmet. Her education abroad encompassed far more but it was one point of focal interest. She had a natural love of animals, both large and small and they gravitated to her naturally in response. That something about her that drew them, protectively many times.

.Her past is bittersweet that she keeps from the present as best she can. Suffice it to say, she is on her own without any attachments for she finally severed where it would only bring her down and suffocate her from moving forward. She did not believe anyone would come after her, in fact she felt her leaving was probably a relief. She had some monies saved that should see her through a period of time depending on how frugal she was with the funds.

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*Serious writing only keeping it to role-playing. Renaissance-medieval timeframe. Actress used is only to represent how this fictional character would look. No claims made.*

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