Captain of the Dragon's Tooth

six foot four * dark blond hair * violet-blue eyes
twenty-three * single

He wears a dragon's tooth that was embedded in his shoulder when he killed the Dragon guarding gold in one of their adventures

Co-Captain of the Fianna until it Sank by the hands of Unholy Trinity

Originally from County Clare, Ireland in the province of Munster. Their grandfather, Tomas traveled to seek his fortune making his home in a rough and tumble land that eventually became the Duchy of Montrose under the Kingdom of Kildare. His son Ronan eventually became Duke. He and his wife had four sons and three daughters. James Roy, Adam, Alhannah, Morgan, Faelan, Regan and Deirdra.  When their youngest was still a child, the Duchess died.  Ronan never remarried again, knowing he would mourn his Rose until his dying day. Ronan's allegiance was to the King of Kildare, Seamus McLarkin and settled into a peaceful life until King Seamus died and the Witch took over Kildare. He separated himself from the chaos as best he could becoming lands unto themselves for the duration. Towards the end of the Witch's reign, he had words with his eldest son in the heat of an argument, James riding directly after not to return. He had not meant them and after calming down, he spent many years trying to find him. Taking his men to the far stretches of the world. His brother came to live with him soon after, needing a place for himself and his two children.

Ronan became ill and the people whispered the illness was sent from Kildare itself and the Witch.  His closest advisor -- his brother Ultan -- began to take over the Duchy, leaving Ronan little more than a puppet. Faelan and his year older brother, Morgan, were sent off to Ireland to learn the ways of sailing a ship. Within a year they led a mutiny against their corruptive slave driving captain and now have their own ship. With things growing worse in Montrose, they slipped into the fortress while a winter storm raged and spirited their sisters, Alannah, Regan and Deirdre away. An angry Ultan sent men to find them but they managed to elude them. They dropped Alannah and Deirdre off in the lands of Heathfield while he, Morgan and Regan went off to find their brother as well adventure.

In a foreign marketplace, Faelan got hold of a map that turned out to be real bringing them to foreign lands in a hunt for gold and treasure. It was deep within the earth and a room filled with such treasures that they encountered the dragon. One they fought and in the end it was Faelan to slay the beast though as the dragon fell, his tooth became embedded in his shoulder. Odd repercussions followed and the fear he would become a dragon. This luckily didn't happen though he took on some aspects of the enchanted beast. He wears the tooth on a chain around his neck. They escaped the traps of the ancient ruins and headed home laden with gold and jewels. Unknown to them they were being followed by none other than the two notorious pirates, Black Doom, Black Beard and the uprising pirate known as the Stirling Scourge.

Treasure and Dragon Adventure SL  *   Whole of this SL in Vendettas

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