Fawn at 13

Oisin Aine Quinn
(uh sh ee n) meaning Fawn, Aine (AWN-ya)

Five foot five, brown hair and Eyes
Golden bronze skin.
Nineteen summers.

Fawn was the youngest of the Quinn children, born six years after Ciarán in the Kentucky territory of the Colonies.   She never knew her mother, who died the night she was born.  Her father and brothers spoiled her but she never acted like a brat and delighted them with her antics.  She was thirteen when the Iroquois attacked their village, killing most of the inhabitants.  It was the arrival of British soldiers that saved the few that survived.  The soldiers took Fawn as well as several other survivors back with them.  Knowing that she survived, the three brothers have been searching for some word of her for six years.

Life was happily lived until the fateful night of the attack on my family's village. The result was horrifying and Fawn thought everyone she knew and loved had died in the attack. English soldiers took her as a child and moved her away from the attacks. Shortly after her removal, she was adopted by a kindly family of status and wealth. John and Martha quickly became loving parents. Just as they had adopted Fawn as their own daughter, she took them to heart as her own parents, calling them by Mother and Father. Despite growing up with education and privilege, often attending social functions with her mother and father, there was a wild side to her that they could never rid her of, no matter their attempts. She was often late for lessons of education or etiquette, she arrived with twigs and leaves in her hair and a handful of flowers that weren't purchased from a florist. Despite the exasperation of her mother, she couldn't help but smile when the flowers were offered so fondly to her, Father, and Nanny Fiona.
As Fawn grew older, enough for secrets and crushes and childish gossip, Nanny Fiona quickly became more than a simple nanny, but her confidante and friend. With Fiona she shared her secrets. Boys who caught her eye or friends who seemed to have grown apart, new friends. Along side Fawn's mother, Fiona pushed with a gentle nudge that Fawn take interest in a young man. However, as Fawn grew older, she found herself unsettled. First she couldn't figure out why. She felt as though her life was missing something great. She had never believed her brothers dead, but always felt that perhaps they had moved on with their lives, and thus her new family told her the same. That it was time she move on. As the years passed, however, she couldn't shake the feeling that her brothers were somewhere in the world, and they were looking for her. For months prior to her 18th birthday, she saved what coin she could, preparing to leave her family behind and seek out the brothers she'd lost.
Nearing her birthday, she sat alone one night in the privacy of her room. Twilight became the dark of night, and hours later dawn arrived, a bright display of a new day and Fawn knew for sure what she had to do. She had to follow the constant nagging of her instincts and seek out her brothers. The purse she had saved was removed from a secret compartment in her dresser, she knelt on the floor in the morning sun deep in thought. "Do I tell my parents? If I leave nothing more than a letter, then they will worry so and it would break their hearts." The idea to leave a letter would have been the easier way. A way that she'd not have to confront her mother's worry, but it wasn't the right way. Her mother and father had taken her into their lives and treated her as their own rather than that of an adopted child. They'd suffered her imperfections and her nature to explore. "They deserve more than words on paper." At that moment, she decided that night she would tell them what she wanted. How she felt. It would not be the easiest discussion. No, on the contrary it would be the most difficult discussion she'd ever had with her parents. But it was the only fair way. Fair to them.
That night, by candle light in her father's study, she gathered those she'd come to care about around a small table. Mother, Father and Madam Fiona listened to her explain the feelings that she'd had. The feelings that never really went away. "My brothers are alive, and I have to find them." There was no doubt in her mind, in her voice that her brothers were alive and looking for her. She had to return to the colonies and seek them out. While her mother tried to talk her out of such a journey, describing the dangers of such travels, her father was accepting of Fawn's decision. He held his wife close and they issues that Madam Fiona join her on this quest. Fawn's mother made her promise that if she didn't find her brothers, that she return to where her mother felt she belonged; there in England with her family.
She and Fiona took to ship only a week later. The preparations arranged by her father, that the two women be escorted by Fawn's cousin, Bradley Harrington, and the Captain of the ship they would be taking. Fawn watched her parents as their images grew smaller with distance. Her mother wiping her eyes as she nestled into the comforting arm of her father, watching their own child, their blessing, took so bravely to seeking out the family that Fawn knew in her heart sought for her.

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