Owner of the 20 Gun Brigantine Frontier
Lean and toned he stood approximately six foot four.
A rugged man.
Brown, sun streaked hair had a penchant to curl.
Eyes of an intense dark brown.
He spent a lot of time outdoors.
Thirty Years of Age.

There wasn't much to say about James Roy Callahan other than those he met he usually left some impression upon behind. Be it good or bad. He was one to work hard at whatever he took on and not waste his time on little minded individuals. His brogue would lend one to place his origins. Ireland. His attire would lend one to believe he was more of the Americas. Frontiersman. He was a driven man. A travailing man with his future ahead of him and past behind him.

The storm that rolled in over the Castle Keep in Ireland didn't compare to the heated storm that was going on in one of its chambers. A discussion. An argument. Heated angry words exchanged that were best not to have been. Lightning streaked the darken sky in thunderous claps. The rain finally came in a deluge as James rode out that night with the intent never to return. His destination took him many places including the Americas.

It was during his time in the Americas that he met Wolf Paw and Downy Feather. A story in itself in how he became blood brothers with Wolfe after saving the brave's life. He knew Wolf designated himself as his protector from that day forward and followed him to Heathfield where he last ended up. Here he gained himself a manor home and picked up a new life. A few years passed, Wolf going back to the Americas leaving Downy Feather behind. Both of the same tribe.

One's past sometimes has a habit of catching up. Wherein he was able to avoid the men his father sent after him, it was his brothers that finally caught up. Their father in bad shape and their uncle having taken over Montrose in his stead. Foul play suspected and after heading back at a time the King and Regent of Kildare had to rise up against the Callihan uncle's hired army, they got in and secured the Keep with the help of others. They brought their father back to Heathfield until his health was regained. The unrest in Kildare continues.

Family Callihan

Montrose Keep in Kildare

Whispering Pines in Heathfield

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