Dark curly hair and green eyes
Eighteen Years Old
Six foot three inches and still growing
Father: Joseph McDonough
Mother: Lola O'Beirne, deceased sister of Kenneth.
Half Sister Tamara Rose

He was conceived in passion six years prior to his father's marriage to another, unbeknownst to his father until the age of five. It was when he reached that age, Lola decided to let Joseph know when discovered he was single again. Up until then she felt by doing so it would burden his life making complications that might ruin his happiness. Little did she know of the woman he had married would abandon him and their daughter. Later there was a tragic accident that took his mother's life when she set to wander again. A gypsy at heart she had loved Joseph fully but would never be one to settle. Now that was a definite. Her brother Kenneth came to stay at the McDonough Ranch with what was left of their band of gypsies.

He grew up with a lot of love given from his father, sister and Carrie, as the most of the staff that took care of them. He had a serious nature more like his father instead of the wild ways of the Gypsy. Of course that didn't mean such flowed in his veins strongly. He had his moments. More that tragedy had its effects. He came to be very protective of his half sister, Tamara, the little man he was often teased of being. Josh looked most like his father with the dark curly hair and green eyes. He also had a smooth tongue when he really wanted something and could talk his way into getting it. His love for carving kept him out of trouble when he set to working on some new creature from the forest. They had a life like quality to them for the intricate lines painstakingly made.

Joe McDonough Family Home

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Image used is of model Bryce Durand in how Josh would look. No claims made to pictures used.

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