Heathfield Museum Proprietor

Dark hair and dreamer's dark eyes
She has the darker looks of her brother Adrian
Single * Twenty-three
Sometimes much older for her years while other times a minx.

Was Married Once - is no longer

Wisdom adheres not to age but experience. Some say it is brought along with you from past lives in accumulating. Inborn knowledge that continues to expand.

Thwack! The sharp sound of a ruler hitting the wood of her desk would jolt her back to stare blankly upon the Schoolmarm for a few moments before the flush of heat could be felt and seen upon her cheeks. Scolded for daydreaming once more. It wasn't something she set out to do but only found herself being caught doing it. Dark eyes would take on faraway look as scenarios would dance with her imagination. She was gifted of hand and mind to become a sculptor in time. Marble, stone, clay, wood, bronze, any media that would be worked to bring her active imagination to life. Her biggest feat was keeping her feet in reality enough not to become a burden on others or socially inept. She gradually learned the balance once she took her hand to sculpting. Shy and reclusive by nature didn't mean she could not be bold of heart if needed.

It was with a heavy heart she received the news of her father and once her contract was up she refused to sign another, much to the chagrin of Miss Bennett. She headed to the lands of Heathfield instead to be with her family and cousins. Possibly find a position there.

Once settled in, she picked up her sculpting once again. Life at Falkirk was never dull as once taking over the Heathfield castle Museum she moved into the castle along with her cousin Abigail who took over the Library. It was during this time she met a man, the graveyard caretaker - Michael Saxton. Theirs was a whirlwind romance that ended in heartbreak when he disappeared without a word. At first it was wondered if there had been foul play. There had not, he had packed up and left the lands for good. Or so thought. Life went on but a part of her had closed off, she wondered if it had even died. Just when she thought she could move on, he showed up in the Thistle.

Hurt and furious, she would not listen to any excuse for leaving without even a word. Love spurn could turn to hate than absence having the heart grow fonder. In time, her anger subsided enough to at least listen to what he had to say. It was a fantastic story but one that held truth in him being possessed. In time Michael McAndrews was able to discharge him of the evil entity that had taken hold of him. Love grew, finding it had never really died but this time it was far stronger than the first. More true for them both. Perhaps what happened, happened for the best. They married along with two of her brothers in a triple wedding aboard Adrian's ship The Wasp.

Within two  months she discovered she was pregnant with their first child. Twins were born: Samuel Michael and Carolyn Ann. Michael decided they would move back to Scotland. She wasn't certain why but as a good wife she went where her husband needed to go. She found, however, she was pretty much abandoned once there and after a few months, completely abandoned. Lonely and heartbroken, she packed up the children and headed home. At least home she would be in the company of those who loved her. She sought a quiet divorce based on abandonment. It was granted and she started her life anew. Luckily she was able to get back her job as proprietor of the Museum along with her twin sister who wished to work with her.

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*Limited ooc on roleplay. No play in IMs. Actress used only to show how Keriann would look. No claims made to said picture. Character created 02-12-07*

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