Deli Delight Delicatessen Owner
Twenty Harvests Passed

Curly brown hair surrounding the pallid skin of her face which was offset by her deep brown eyes. Her mouth was the soft color of rosebud and a light dusting of pink always settled in her cheekbones without much effort. A soft waiving smell of pumpkins, and spice fill the air as she passes. From the ancient readings of the sacred text of the Tanakh to the printed findings of Leonardo DaVinci, the Jewess grew up among the stacks of books strewn across the floor of her father's printing press. Knowledge was power and she wanted to devour every bit of it. At the age of seventeen, she decided to strike out on her own to learn as much as she could retain. Her greatest dream was that she could write a book about her travels that would be pressed in her father's shop along with the greatest writers of the time. Every book had a beginning, and this was chapter one in Kizzie's.

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