Her name meaning
Butterfly Wings

Dark hair and eyes
Five Foot Five
Healthy slim build for a young woman
Twenty-one autumns

Kuwan for short, was the daughter of Running Deer, brother of Milap of the Bear tribe in Port Royal. He was one of the warriors and elders of the tribe and it was hoped that one day one of the adopted sons would choose her for a wife, ensuring the link and if children were born, taking more of the white out of the offspring to make them more as their people.

Her mother had died during a hard winter and the birth of a child too soon, both had perished but her father never took another woman for his wife. He said he would once she was married, so she took on the duties of the woman of their hut in all areas except one. She would be well trained by the time she was chosen. If not she would live her days taking care of her father in her mother's stead. It was the way of things and accepted. Her love for her father was great and he was a fair man.


This was not to say she didn't have the dreams of a young woman just like anyone else. She too had a bit of mischief in her and it came out when around the twins, Yas and Mat as well their friends Patwin and Delsey.


Profile in Progress, character created 7-05-06


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(No claims made to any of the pictures used to represent how this fictional character would look. Maturity expected in play and conduct of players otherwise I will ignore. I'm here for the fun of writing, nothing more, nothing less.)

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