Kings Man - Four Horsemen

Some just don't seem to have to struggle through life. They take what comes to them. They use it, grow from it, continue on their way. They realize that within the realm of conflict and chaos is that vortex of control...of calm. They cling tightly to that. Changing what must be changed. Allowing what must be changed. Allowing what can't be changed to mold them, shape them and then wait for the spinning of events to cease.

Lazare Carno is one such a man. One ... of the Four . With the intensity of the other three swirling around him... de Beauvais' silent and serious demeanor (The Swordman/Fire), Cairns' deepness of thought and studious nature (The Mind/Earth), de Vimeure's quick wit and charismatic personality (The Heart/Water), there leaves little save to just ride the tide, enjoy the journey.

Carno was the perfect fourth, easy to laugh, easy to please, easy to get along with ... easy ... going (The Soul/Wind).

As One ... they respect and serve he who once bore the colors of Black and Gold. The Black Griffon. Karl Rudolf Gerd Von Rundstedt. As One ... they are an invincible force. As One ... they are the FOUR HORSEMEN.

"Life is a conscious continuity ... within the movement of change."

**Immaturity gaming and occ will be ignored. No IM play unless those of Heathfield. No claims to the pictures used, they are only to represent how Lazare would look.**

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