Five foot five, dark hair and eyes, bronze of skin and slim of figure. Twenty-five years of age.

Growing up had been a challenge to be not only the daughter but the son her father never had. An illness having claimed her mother not long after she was born, left her to take care of her father when she was old enough. He was her idol, a man that would forget his head if it were not attached for his mind preoccupied in all his experiments. He had found a way to travel through time and it was all contained in a special amulet of which he made two. One for him and one for her when she reached the age of sixteen. It would be hard for her to explain how it worked as her father would be able to. Something along the lines of capturing enough energy into the special stone that were attuned to her thoughts. All she had to do was focus on a time and place and the layers of time would melt away.

After so many years, now at the age of twenty and four, she felt like she belonged to all the places she had visited and spent time. Ideas and styles she liked she picked up along the way, most often found in well fitted silver pants, a poet's shirt with a hippy fringed vest. Shoes were the durable, comfortable, fused clog type that offered a well cushioned sole that was resistant to wear. She knew of many things, many secrets discovered in her ever evolving project as an observer. Rarely will she interact and that would be to gain more information. Her father's whereabouts lost due to an ethereal maelstrom and presently searches for him. The last indicator brought her here. Height of five foot nine, she is taller than average with brown eyes and hair. Her heritage a mixture but what is known as the dark Irish is prevalent.

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+Here to play not waste my time in drama nonsense. Ignoring such ones come easily. Images used are only in representation of how Lindsay would look. No claims made.+

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