Golden brown eyes
Dark hair
Five foot seven
Twenty and Five

Elizabeth, was the first born daughter of Duncan and Corina McKnight. The McKnight family had supported the Barrett family through the war, sending their children away until peace was regained. Duncan returned with a Portuguese beauty as his wife, they had three children: Donovan. Lizabet and Kat. Their mother returning to her native home with her three children. Donovan was the first to return to Heathfield in spite of the title bestowed upon him. Kat joined him shortly afterwards to help out so Lizabet remained home to see to their mother. It would break her heart if they all left her. When Kat returned, Lizabet took it as an omen for her to finally travel and learn of these lands of the McKnight family, their namesake. She had always loved animals, bringing home any wounded ones for her brother to fix up. In the process she had learned a lot in the care of them. With their sister home, she knew he could use help and so would become the substitute. Little did he know she was on her way while Kat took care of their mother and family in Portugal.

For her age in social circles she was considered an old maid, though not old at all. It was more she never fitted well into such social circles nor cater to their beliefs that a woman should be married by the age of eighteen if not younger. If being considered unmarriageable at this point, it was to her benefit not determent. She had fire in her eyes and a wit to match if so provoked. Usually she watched silently, observing and staying on the outskirts than in the spotlight. There were the times for the spotlight much to the chagrin of her mother. Like whipping the contents of her glass in a Count's face for his unwanted advances. Perhaps it would be to her mother's relief that she headed for Heathfield to help out her brother.

Shooting Star - Race Horse Falkirk Downs

Lizabet McKnight
Bred: McDonough Stables
  - STATS -  
Breed: Thoroughbred
Sex: Mare
Sire: Thunder Bird
Dam: Starling Rose
Age: 2 years, 15.3hh
   Racing Stats:  

~~Profile in progress. Roleplaying character = Not Real. Actress used is only in reference on how Elizabeth would appear. No claims made to any photos. RPL#1. No IM play except those within Heathfield according to need. 022209~~

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