Six Foot Four, Muscular wiry build, Intense gray-blue eyes, Wears a Stetson.

Not much is known about Mack's background other than he had good reason for a gripe and a retribution still to be played out. It was rumored he had a wife and son many years ago but were no longer. If anyone knew the details they were not giving them out. He was mid to later thirties as anyone could calculate and what ever drove him had him expertise with knives, hence becoming know as Mack the knife. His real name lost and forgotten over the years but it is possible Mack had originally been part of his surname. He knew those worth knowing and eventually partnered up with Captain Lorcan Foley, a man a few years younger but by no means less talented where it counted. The friendship bond strong when the man saved his life. Eventually he was introduced to Dorian and Solitaire forming a strong union. One that would survive life along the docks and such endeavors that always proved dangerous.

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<<Mature adult expects the same or be ignored. Many claim maturity but few are. No IM play except those of the game he is in.  Time base: Roughly 1600-1700 century. 100306>>

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