Mary Margaret Murphy

Five Foot Six
Red Hair * Blue Eyes
Fair of Skin and Figure
Former Mail Order Bride
Family Deceased
Married Alexander (Xander) McDonough

~I am considered beyond marrying age but I feel I have a lot to live for. My husband, God rest his soul, died defending our country against the English. Our only son died with him. I have no relatives left me nor much funds to be truthful so when I heard of this new service I considered it seriously when assured I would get to meet the man, if any should apply, before making a final decision. All transportation paid for so I would not be out another coin I cannot afford. I am a good worker in keeping a house clean, managing a staff and can cook right descent.~

Sent to Heathfield on a ruse that turned out to benefit her and the other two mail order brides. There had been no guarantees but it was far better a chance in life to take.

She had been set up for Alexander McDonough who certainly was surprised to find a mail order bride on his doorstep, figuratively. It turned out their brother Joseph was the culprit but by the time that was found out, none could complain. It had given each of them a better chance at life. Xander at least spent time and they both found that love was still possible, so he asked to court which led to their engagement. Neither were in a hurry and took their time. Better to be sure in such an obligation. They were not young in the sense to have rainbow ideas on what marriage constituted. It was a life long commitment and not to be entered into lightly.

(Maturity expected, period, otherwise ignored. Here to write-roleplay, not socialize to meet others ooc. Photo used is only in representation of how Maggie would look. No claims made.)

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