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Mariah had a nurturing nature even at the young age of nine when she took over the kitchen and cleaning. She had already learned how to cook before her mother left them all high and dry. It was something she would never understand and wounded her deeply, keeping that scar well hidden by taking her mother's place in manual duties. She had seen the pain in her father's eyes that made it even more painful to her so she did what in her young mind could do in remedying the situation. She became the mother even to the point of behaving such towards her siblings not much younger than herself. So caught up in taking over the household she never took time for herself, she'd been living another person's life that had gone out of hers. Her father kept trying and in time that pain eased from his eyes, a man she adored, and eased from her own heart. Growing up brought with it a different outlook on things.

The years had escaped her she realized one morning while sitting out on the verandah of her father's Ranch. Scott, the youngest, would probably be married first. Carisa had the attention of a Prince and Christopher had a wonderful lass doted on him as he was doted on her. Maybe he would marry the very one. Maybe Carisa would marry the Prince and if not she was sure she would marry someone just as wonderful. There was no one in her life she realized because she never had time to allow anyone to come into her life. Not even friends. It took getting out and asserting onself to meet others which she had not. She had at first helped Carisa with the book shoppe but usually inventory or stocking of shelves when no one was about. Had she done it on purpose? Tears welled in her eyes as she felt her life slipping away and having not lived much of it except cleaning, cooking and making sure everyone else was happy.

The words of her father had stung even though she knew they had been spoken in kindness. You need to get out and meet others, Mariah. What your mother did was not your fault and she is long gone. You are not like her and you do not have to make up for her. I want you to take over the Woolen Shop as a start in meeting others. As much as you have been a terrific help to me, it is time you made a life of your own too. I love you dearly and because I do, I want you to find happiness as  your brothers and sister are finding. You will not find it here hidden away in my kitchen. She swallowed away the build up felt in her throat as she knew her father was right. It was time to make a life of her own. The thought scared her more than she would ever admit to anyone.

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*Pictures used are to represent how Mariah would look only. No Claims Made*
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