Inn and Tavern

Blond, Blue Eyed, Minx
Five Foot Seven * Twenty-Six * Single * Slim build with curves in all the right places.

One had to possess a certain kind of personality to survive on their own. Serious mixed with humor and a drive that kept them alive. Marlana had these after the loss of her parents and being shifted as a burden from one relative to another. It was not due to any lacking or harsh personality on her part, it was just the way of it. Finally, at the age of sixteen, she struck out on her own before she was married off for monitory gain. Her full past a well guarded secret.

She worked as a chambermaid then graduating to cook in one tavern to another as she grew up. Each new place a step up. She kept a low profile as best a lass could and managed to keep her virginity intact. She had bigger plans than to succumb to what society felt was the destination of a woman, mother of children, barefoot and pregnant. Most in her working class had a few and couldn't say who was the father of who. Mar didn't consider such an appealing destination.

It was working at the Golden Trumpet, some say was filled with strumpets, she met one Keifer Douglas. A man, who talked to her with more on his mind than what was in his pants. Amazing. It intrigued her and a friendship grew from there. When troubles grew he whisked her away to the lands of Heathfield.

**I have no tolerance for immature gaming or ooc. No play in IMs. Photos used are pf Sharon Stone in how Marlana would appear. No claims made. Fantasy Medieval Based. Character created 7-6-06**

*Pictures used are to represent how Marlana would look only. No Claims Made*

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