Captain of the Flicker
Twenty-four at a height of five foot seven
Dark hair and eyes that spoke of deeper emotions

A sea waif at best but one skilled if they had a keen eye for those subtle movements and a certain gleam in dark eyes. She had gone to visit her cousin Mary, spending time together like sisters. The manor home was large considering the family's status. They were playing hide and seek which had her end up in the attic waiting to be found. She heard some disturbance like a muted echo from a distant time.When Mary didn't come for her she ventured out. She could smell smoke as she started running only to come to the top of the stairs. There lying dead on the floor was her aunt and uncle. Mary and her little brother Todd were missing. She heard voices outside commanding "Find her or else!" Her heart leaped in her throat knowing that they were after her. Worse, she heard them speaking on her father and brother having been executed and now they would wipe out the family. She ran back to one of the rooms she knew had a great oak outside and escaped that way.Twelve years later she ended up here. She had her own ship, a schooner, and a small crew. Sailing was in her blood too. She wasn't sure where her life would take her so it was approached one day at a time. A smile readily upon her lips or a glare that could stab. She could fight well; skilled in a few weapons. Usually in leather, pants, tunic, poets shirt and cloak.

**This is a fictional roleplaying character. Not real. No claims to the pictures made representing how Marsali would look. IM play is limited to those in the game of Heathfield. RPL#1. Circa 1600-1700 Fantasy Based**

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