Thistle Tavern Handyman

He was a traveler, a Jack of all trades even if that namesake was not his given name. Some might think him average, but there was nothing really average about him. A good sturdy form that showed he worked hard, tall enough to usually see over others putting him over six foot, a quick mind and quick reflexes had him to cope easily under many situations. His clothes clean and well made.

Clean and groomed for having longer hair and a beard/moustache, showed he took pride enough in his appearance too. He had a past alright, how could one not that ventured to open doors of opportunity? Warrior, smith, cook, handyman, businessman and the list went on. From England he came to seek new fortunes as he did amass some already. He worked his way over by sea taking up a position of sailor and found himself on these shores, a glint of hope and a curious mind he set forth with a grin that could melt an iceberg. He was one not willing to settle and give up his status of wanderer.

He settled in the lands of Heathfield continuing his disguise as a handyman for the Thistle Tavern. Not everything is what it seems. A man with a curse on his head....

The Curse

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